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June 29, 2019

June is here and for me it’s summer! Sadly I have to wait till halfway through the month to actually celebrate that most of you done so I want to share my favourite beauty products of summer my lipglosses.

 When the Sun is out lip glosses look so much better. They shimmer and shine when the light hits them and then make your lips look so much bigger they are comfortable to wear and I’m living for this look at the moment.

All I want to do is wear lipglosses - I haven’t picked up I’m at work about six months and I don’t regret it all. Most of my lipgloss is a high-end. I haven’t really ventured into the drugstores lipgloss is but I’m sure I’m going to and I just wanted to share my favourites with you guys so that you can be looking amazing in the summer. I mean long lashes and glossy lips is what’s in this year!

 - Lottie London gloss’d supercharged gloss-oil tint
 - Fenty beauty gloss bomb
 - Dior lip maximiser - 001
 - Charlotte tilbury lipgloss - seduce

 Lipgloss are gods gift - I hold such a love for them as I can come in so many forms they can be coloured or clear, sparkly or normal and come in so many variations - there really are glosses for everyone

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing your favorites!!

  2. I love the Fenty Gloss Bomb! So glad to see it appear in your faves. Thanks for sharing x

  3. I haven't worn lipgloss in ages but these colours look pretty.


  4. I can't wait till Fenty is available in more UK stores. I think the nearest to me is over an hour away and I love to buy make-up in person rather than online.

  5. I’m normally not a fan of lipgloss but these shades are so pretty, I love the look of the Charlotte Tilbury and Fenty Beauty ones 😊

  6. I so agree with you - it's all about lipgloss in the summer. I love the ones that look so shimmery in the summer sun.
    You have some lovely shade choices there.
    Helen | www.helensjourney.com

  7. Thanks for sharing. Will try a few

  8. Thanks so much for sharing....always on the lookout for a new gloss!!

  9. I love the packaging of these lipglosses! It looks super rich. Ooh, Fenty Beauty has been popping so much lately. One of my friends actually used up the Dior Lip Maximizer! Thanks for sharing all of these picks!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. i agree - i am so glad to know it helped! x


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