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July 13, 2019

 Its 2019 and it’s clear our planet its doomed. Everyone is choosing to ignore it but global warming is a huge problem. In 50 years our planet will be a shell it’s from self and that scares me so much. I know I have a audience to read my blog and I want to promote this as it means a lot to me. It’s time to make a change.

 Being sustainable it’s not as hard as you think. there is little things you can do that will make the world a difference without even realising. I know I want to do my part in helping the planet and there’s so many ways you can do it I want to share some tips and tricks you can easily do and make you change while doing it.

 1. Buy a reusable coffeee cups and either make coffee at home or take it to places and ask them to use it
2. Buy metal straws or just just paper straws
 3. Reusable bottles - never buy bottled water!!!!
 4. Reusable cotton pads - easy to order from amazon
 5. Use clothe tote bags when shopping - Jack Wills sell amazing ones!
 6. Take reusable cutlery to places
 7. Washable napkins
 8. Upcycle furniture - paint or change somehow instead of getting rid
 9. Buy glass containers over plastic ones
 10. If you do have any plastic containers - reuse them! Can use glass ones too just to waste ksss
 11. Use reusable facecloths - never ever ever use wipes and if you do try get them to be biodegradable.
12. Use Natural light as much as you can!
 13. Digital banking not paper statement
 14. Use eco friendly cleaning products - so much easier then you think to get ahold off. Supermarket brands are starting bringing out more and more.
 15. Bio-degradable wipes only
 16. Eat 1 vegetarian / vegan meal a week or just cut down eating meat / animal produce food
 17. If you feel comfortable use washable sanitary pads or menstrual cups
 18. Wrap presents in fabric & ribbon - ditch the wrapping paper! My auntie does this and presents look so cute.
 19. Buy local food / use farm shops - support the locals and get more organic natural food.
20. Try walk more places then public transport
 21. Use the dryer less- hang clothes up to naturally dry
 22. Solar panels !!
 23. Recycle
 24. Use brands like lush, The Body Shop & kiehl's that accept their packaging to be taken back to the store and re used. You can receive a little reward with a set amount
 25. Natural deodorant / stick deodorant
 26. Make fresh juice yourself instead of buying bottled juice
 27. Flush the toilet less
 28. Buy fair trade and free range food
 29. Avoid packaged up food
 30. Re use mini pots / tubs to put other things in 31. glass soap dependors
 32. Use soap bars not squirt
 33. Re use glass jars - candles
 34. Buy toothpaste WITHOUT a box - an unnecessary use of cardboard
 35. Use Library’s for books or a kindle if you’re going to read once
 36. Buy fresh bread instead of packaged
 37. Buy more second hand clothes! Fast fashion is huge problem - use charity shops, depop or
 38. Grow any fruit / veg / herbs you can! Share with your family and friends too
 39. Use soap bars / shampoo bars
 40. Bamboo alternatives - makeup brushes, toothbrushes, hair brushes
 41. Pass things on - another persons trash is someone else’s treasure they say
 42. Turn off anything if you aren’t using it
43. Install energy-efficient appliances in your house
 44. Stop using plastic wallets! Hole punch paper instead for folders
 45. Put in a jacket or blanket over the heating
 46. Stairs over elevator always
 47. Skip invitations to events - text or make Facebook groups
 48. Avoid takeaways or use the most sustainable ones you can find
 49. Use Sox wax candles
50. Shower for the shortest time you can

 There is so much more than just this can do but these are some of the easiest ways to incorporate being sustainable into your everyday life. These little changes will make huge difference even if you don’t realise it. If we all make a change maybe we can save our planet.

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. I've been using some metal straws now around the house. And I only just found out that there are reusable cotton pads. Im gonna have to check those out!

  2. Love this! The announcement of a Climate Crisis is a scary prospect and it's worrisome that we've allowed ourselves to get to this point. This is a fantastic list of sustainable swaps! xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

  3. Couldn't agree more and I'm certainly doing my best. Thank you so much for sharing these tips.

  4. All great ways to become more sustainable. We have done a lot of these things, but I know ,y family can be a bit more to be more sustainable, but we are making an effort to make those changes. A little bit goes a long way when makes changes that help the environment.

  5. Thank you for the tips I learned some new ones. I'm excited to implement

  6. What an amazing post! I'm trying my best to be more sustainable, so this is really helpful, thank you for sharing!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. This is so helpful! I have been trying to be more waste free in my day to day life. I didn't realize how much waste I actually had until I made more of an effort to reduce it. One of my favorite things to do is to carry around a reusable container and a reusable straw with me in case I go out to eat or want to grab an iced coffee. It's the little things that count!

  8. Such an important post. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Some excellent points! Meat processing happens to be the top polluting industry. Same with fast fashion. I cant however get on a few things personally like menstrual cups and reusable napkins etc. Because I am a doctor and it is indeed unhygienic and potentially dangerous if one is careless even once. And many people are surprisingly incapable to understand how to be careful themselves and follow simple rules. But even if we stick to all other things-it makes a serious difference. Much needed in this day and age!😊🙏🏼

  10. This is such a great informative post! I definitely need to work on a lot of these but at least I’m aware now :)

  11. As an eco-writet myself you know I LOVED this post Bailey! Really encouraging to show people how lots of small and easy changes can all add up to make a difference for the world we live in & it's future...
    Brilliant post!
    Helen | www.helensjourney.com

  12. Love this post. There are so many small changes we can all do to make it a little bit better

  13. A really useful list! I hope that everyone gets on board with doing their bit and also contacts their politicians, representatives etc to do something on a national/global level and contact the major companies to petition changes to help the environment otherwise we are f*cked!

  14. Excellent list! I always need these reminders whenever I go to buy something new or disposable. I especially love the idea of reusing candle jars/holders. Especially now that they make them look so pretty! (My friend bought me a candle that has glitter all over the lid. It would be RIDICULOUS of me to NOT reuse it!) I live in the desert here in the US and it always amazes me how many people DON'T have solar panels, where it literally is sunny pretty much every day of the year. I hope more people here get on that! Think of much resources/money everyone could save!

    Awesome list! You had a ton of great reminders that I will definitely be trying to incorporate more into my life style :)

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife(dot)com

  15. so many great points!! loved this post!



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