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August 20, 2019

 Summer style has to be my favourite of the year - you can get all the light clothes and white out which look so beautiful and they’re my favourite to wear. My style is at its best in the summer and I love it. I have so many gorgeous summer pieces and I want to share them even though the show we haven’t got much for summer I’ve still got most my way out of them and I’m so glad they will be carrying me through to next year.

 I want to start with my favourite piece my Ted Baker cami. I got this in the outlet as its last year’s pattern but I’m so in love with it! It’s baby pink and full of flowers which is perfect for the summer to wear to any kind of occasion and I’ve worn it five or six times already. It’s a comfortable classic piece and I think Ted Baker camis are so worth the investment.

 Since it’s a summer I do love cami styles tops - A complete other end of the scale Primark had a gorgeous broadly Englis cami. The button down white cami another perfect and timeless piece thar you can wear with anything and everything. This has been my most worn top of the summer so I had to share it! It was such an affordable price and I’ve seen so many bloggers with it to. I chose the white but I did black and lemon which were both gorgeous as well but getting my size white one was difficult enough.

 in the summer I like to make the most of the weather - By pretty much refusing to wear jeans. This year I have looked in my denim skirt and shorts! Personally I have wore my black denim more than my blue but both get one religiously. They go with everything massive comfortable and worth the wear. I love wearing skirts so it’s a perfect time to wear all of mine as much as I can because wearing with tights in winter it’s so much harder so the summer is the time I pretty much got ‘no jeans’ or trousers. With been done and you can easily dressing up and down - worth the investment always get worn!

 If we had the weather i would wear day dresses all the time. I just love wearing dresses every day - my denim dress and my floral dress are perfect for the summer as they are a gorgeous outfit - They are casual yet really cute and they are something I’ve just gone for constantly as a go to with them being super easy to throw on - I wish I could just wear more times then I had chance.

Summer is really the tume for me to bring out my florals and show the clothes I love wearing! My style in summer at its best as it’s one of my favourite time of year to dress for. Dresses are 1 outfit, cute tops and anything goes with denim skirts and shorts!

! Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. I loved the Primark top! I also decided to not wear jeans this summer and it has been so nice! I love styling my shorts in different outfits.

  2. I love summer outfits and light colours, too :) Wearing skirts and dresses is amazing!

  3. I love cami style tips but honestly they look awful on me haha! I still like how the look though, and I love a floaty skirt in the summer too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿 www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. you will not! give them a go - you may surprise yourself

  4. Love the Ted Baker print. Great read

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous outfits lovely! I love the stuff Ted Baker sell especially during the spring and summer season. Their tops are so pretty :)

    Shannon x


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