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September 29, 2019

Everyone has them things we love - the thing we choose to spend our money on no matter how expensive it is. These are what I call the ‘little luxuries’ and they’re so different to everyone. Everyone has different opinions on these - some people thing they’re a ‘waste of money’ because I know I’ve been told £40 on a candle is ridiculous but it’s what I Like to spend my money on so since I like it I will do it.

 One of my favourite things to spend my money on has to be Joe Malone candles. These candles smell amazing, look so aesthetically pleasing and feel like such a treat to myself. I’ve got one and I know as soon as I burn it I’ll be buying it again because I love everything about these candles. They also feel so luxurious to burn.

 Glamglow facemask are genuinely some of the best masks I’ve used - they break the bank though. I will invest in skincare and I think these are worth the money as they help me so much! I buy the big tubs of which I’ll use most but I always go to them when my skin needs major TLC.

 These are something I pretty much mention in every blogpost and it’s my trusty Charlotte tilbury lipsticks. These are some of the best things I’ve ever bought - I wear them almost everyday and I’ve never seen a formula as amazing as these are. I can’t use any other lipstick - these are my holy grail now and I don’t know what I’d do without them in my life.

 My nails are one of my favourite things about myself - I’ve long natural nails! But it takes some looking after and I always use nail oil. The avoplex nail & cuticle replenishing oil is my all time favourite. This oil is so hydrating for my cuticles and nails leaving them feeling and looking amazing and it has the best smell to it. It’s the perfect product and is one of the biggest reasons I’ve naturally long nails.

 I think these products are just something we all need in our lives and they really show something about us as they’re just what we get enjoyment out of using - they help us feel that little bit of luxury and spark joy

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. I'm gonna check out the Charlotte tilbury lipsticks! Thanks for sharing! X

  2. I agree, you don't need lots of luxury – just a few key pieces that really brighten the room or your mood!

  3. I wonder if I need cuticle oil - the skin around the sides of my nails always gets so dry!


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