♡ Selfcare when you’re at rock bottom ♡

October 21, 2019

 When your mental health drops, it’s so hard to pick yourself up and no matter what we’ve all been there. Rock bottom is not fun in the slightest and you tend to loose yourself when you get there. It’s such a struggle and it’s hard to just get on normally - everyone knows the feeling no matter what they say Mental health needs to be talked about more - it’s such an important issue and we need to give everyone the help and support they need because it is tough.

We all need to help remove the stigma and try just support each other when it’s needs. I find one way at home that helps me is selfcare - It’s the little things that you focus on that help me bring myself back up slowly.

One thing that makes feel so achieved is the bare minimum - making my bed, getting dress. Simple everyday tasks show that you are managing to get up and attempt the day which is huge when mental health is involved. I know it’s an amazing feeling just doing the basics and they are way more progress then you think. Making a small list, tidying a room or even a drawer can help you feel that slight bit of motivation. 

Showering can be one of the hardest tasks to be easy on yourself. I always get my favourite smelling shower gel and it makes me feel so much better just smelling it with the warm water really helps me feel better. Feeling low makes the little things hard so even if you can just push yourself to moisturising or exfoliating - it will make you feel clean and cozy if you get some fluffy pyjamas and back in bed after. It’s all about slowly doing it at your own pace and not pushing yourself too much. I’m not sure if this is just me but I love planning.

No matter how I feel there’s some kind of list or plan I can make - meals, outfits, playlists. Anything I’m feeling to make a list about and get myself thinking about things I enjoy. This can be done on your phone so you don’t need to move - even a shopping list for when you feel ready to go. Making lists help get your brain thinking about things you either want, need or enjoy and they really help me feel positive and see a end goal once I’ve completed it

Picking yourself up is the biggest stop of all, any progress from then is amazing. All you can do is try your hardest and it always will be enough. You need to give yourself so much love and care and attention because you deserve it more then anything. No matter what you are strong and brave and you can do this. I hope just my little pieces of advice from my own opinion can help someone and just know it’s okay to not be okay - I’m always here for anyone to talk to.

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. Such a great post - I think we really overthink self care at times but when you're feeling that low, simple tasks such having a hot shower with your favourite soap can make a world of difference. For me sometimes the effort of it all can seem way too much but I always feel so much better afterwards when I'm all clean and wrapped up in a fresh pair of pyjamas. When you feel rubbish, little things like that can really make a difference! xx

  2. This is great advice, and perfect for those times when life seems like too much. Simple actions really do add up, and matter. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is a great post and advice! Taking a nice shower with my favorite shower gel/wash does make me feel a lot better! I also like to exercise to reduce stress.

  4. Hey, Bailey
    I definitely agree with you. Loved your post. Keep motivating though such posts.

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  5. I can totally relate, making a plan of things is something I find so helpful xx

  6. I hope you're okay! I can really relate to this, simple things like a shower and a list really make a difference to my day!


  7. I love this post! It's so true too that just getting up and getting dressed can make you feel a million times better. I do think that sometimes self care is just the little things xx

  8. I agree that making my bed and getting dressed 100% makes me feel so much more better about myself!

  9. Lovely post and great advice! I have to make sure I get ready in the morning it defiantly makes me feel better about the day ahead. I also always have to make a plan of the day and make sure I have things to achieve x

  10. I love this!! Completely agree with just doing the simple things like getting up, showering etc, it always makes me feel just that little bit better! xx

    - Charlotte / charlottesspace.com


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