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April 06, 2020

If now isn’t a better time to start a skincare routine I don’t know what is. With everything going on we have so much more time for some TLC whist we are at home and I know for sure I am taking advantage of it. Skincare isn’t so thing you need to break the bank for.

The affordable skincare works just as well - it’s all about trying what works with your own skin. Everyone’s face is different and we have all different concerns we want to tackle so you need to address the basics first then go into this.

This post is really meant to target the base skincare and getting a basic routine then expanding on it. first thing you really should do is try figure out your own skin type and the specifical area you want to target and looking into the specifics of them.

If you have dry skin - get hydrating products and if you for example focus on clearing blackheads then get specifics products it fulfil your needs. It’d all about knowing what you need to target yourself. You also need to remember you everything isn’t garenteed to work on you. You need to listen to your skin and see what it wants and if it doesn’t like a product regardless of how much this product works for everyone else.

 To start with you need a face wash and the best wash I’ve used just for a starter is the fresh soy cleaner. This is such a gentle wash that just does as it says on the tin - it is perfect for any skin type as it is just natural and leaves your skin feeling fresh. It is quit affordable if you buy the mini at £11.50 and it lasts so long anyway. I would reccomend this so much.

 Then for a toner - you can’t go wrong with this simple soothing facial toner. Simple are a brand I think you can always relay on and this toner is perfect to start with. It is gentle and helps take any extra makeup off and hydrate your skin. This is such an affordable product that feels so lovely on the skin.

 Finally to moisturise, I think the first aid beauty ultra repair cream is the best affordable moisturiser. My skin is known to get dry so I think this is such a strong moisturiser so it helps as it says repair my skin and keep it so hydrated. I think this is perfect for anyone starting out on skincare as it’s so affordable and hydrating yet really light and none greasy.

 After your base routine, I think you always need to exfoliate. I exfoliate once a week, twice at tops and I use the body shop seaweed pore-cleansing facial exfoliator. The body shop are always a staple brand to stick with and this exfoliator is perfect - it also has pore cleansing effects which are so effective on making my skin look glowy and with extra natural skin helping properties, this is affordable and works so well leaving your skin feeling fresh and amazing.

 Creating a basic skincare routine is the best place to start - then you will experiment and that’s what gets you hooked. Noe there’s so much skincare I want to try but once you’ve built your reliable products you will always go back to them when you have any breakouts. Just starting to find a routine can be the hardest part but it’s so worth it for the results when it all comes together.

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. I love these posts because I'm always looking to learn more in order to finally get a skincare routine down

  2. I’ve really been enjoying doing my skincare on an evening. I feel so much better for taking 10 minutes to just look after myself.
    Al x

  3. I' want to give the seaweed range from The Body Shop a try, I'm never disappointed with their products! Thanks for sharing :)

    Soph - www.thecoffeelawdiary.blogspot.com

  4. Love this idea of a 'starter pack' and what you need, i suffer from dry skin too but its also super sensitive so much drug store/high street products dont work for me!

  5. Love this blog post! It gives such good basic information for everyone to start using -x-


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