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June 01, 2020

lockdown has been such an experimental time. We are having all this time at home, I have really been seeing what my skin likes - and that has involved ordering lots of new skincare to try. I have quite sensitive skin therefore this is the perfect time to see what has and hasn’t flared My skin up.

 Skincare is my favourite thing is to try and there is no better time than now to be able to really monitor my skin and try new things. So of a lockdown, I’ve placed several orders of new skincare to try and test new products to see what I will love.

 kiehl’s rare earth deep pore cleanser 
This has to be the favourite thing of all I’ve used. I bought this in store just before lockdown was put in place and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The kiehls rare earth deep pore daily  made my skin look and feel amazing. The texture honestly baffled me. I don’t know what I expected but I love it. It’s as expected, a clay formula but it had a foam and built up a lather when I rubbed it on. I could feel the slight exfoliating aspect of it as it was using it and once I washed it, my face felt so fresh. I love the process off applying it. It felt so fun. The morning after using, I did my regular routine I noticed that my skin had no new blemishes, but none had been reduced yet. This hasn’t happened in awhile ao was a big bonus for me. So I used it again the morning and the smell is so fresh when you first wake up. For the past week I’ve been using it and I can’t be more impressed.

When I did my regular exfoliation using a liquid peel, I noticed how my skin was already so exfoliated! This wash has helped my skin over the past few days so much. My skin has had no new blemishes and has got a glow about it. It’s working so well with my skin. Week 1 of using I noticed my skin did have a few breakouts but then cleared quicker than normal with the use of this. Week two was the first week of quarantine which was quite sunny and I was sat in the garden so I think between this first wash and the Sun it really helped clear my skin.

This week was the best my skin has been this year. However the only downside to this wash is I think it’s really been drying out my skin. My face isn’t used to the constant daily exfoliation therefore it’s drying it out quiet about, so I think I will be using this once a day rather then everyday after this. And overall update I’ve been using this product for the 10 weeks now every morning and night and I absolutely love it is my new holy grail face wash.

 Makeup revolution vitamin c serum
I bought this product for a lockdown as I really want to try my serums and I had seen vitamin C would be a perfect place to start with. The Revolution Skincare 3% Vitamin C Serum
is a perfect starter product with 3% vitamin C. When I first applied to the skin and it was a cream my formula. I started to use 2 squirts and spread all evenly across my face, after my toner but before my moisturiser. The product had no smell (maybe because I’ve a cold and just lost off sense of smell atm?) but one thing I did notice is left my face feeling sticky after I applied it. And then use a product for the next two weeks and honestly I didn’t see much difference.

I felt like it wasn’t doing anything for my face I was having some more breakouts and normal which I think was caused by this so I stopped using it. .I wouldn’t highly rate this product as it just didn’t seem to have much affect. Maybe next time I’ll need to get higher concentration of it and see.

The ordinary aha peeling solution 
I finally managed to get my hands on the ordinary peeling solution. I was so happy for her to come in stock on beauty bah there and I had snapped up quick as I can - the THE ORDINARY AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution is almost impossible to get ahold of. I’ve heard amazing reviews about this and it really has lived up to it.

Like It states I been using it twice a week for the past three weeks and it has made such a difference to my skin. This product has all the hype it gets and I feel like I don’t even need to say anything other than you need to buy it and try it for yourself! It was really helps reduce scarring and heal current spots I have had. it has given my skin a Summer glow I need.

 I have been making sure I’ve been using suncream, As it’s got AHA and BHA acids in Which make your skin sensitive to the Sun and only use in a few drops due to the high acids levels. As amazing as this mask is you need to follow the safety precautions due to the strength of the product.

 Boots hyaluronic acid serum 
 Next, I thought I would try is a highly rated about acid, but a underrated brand. Boots Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I never realised boots have their own skincare brand and I thought this was a perfect chance to try it as well as it being a budget price of £5. This serum was not what I expected. When I first tried it I didn’t expect to have such a watery consistency. It’s all quite sticky bit song into my face in five minutes and drank up any moisturiser I had on.

 I really liked how the serum felt on my face as that day my skin did feel my hydrated. Using it more now are you I’ve been using this are in for the past five weeks and I would highly recommend it - for such an affordable price it has been a saviour for my dry skin. My skin has looked and felt more glowy - Especially in the glorious sunshine we have had over the past few weeks it has really helped my skin be at its best.

This is the most new skincare I’ve tried in awhile and I’ve had such good results from it - I can happily say my skin has never been better than it has been during lockdown. Combined with the amount of water and able to drink and with nine hours of sleep I’m getting every night my skin is thriving and all this new skincare is real help it glow. I would recommend the the fax wash, hyaluronic acid and facemask from this post and will certainly be buying them again.

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. i love the sound of these products! lockdown although it has a few downfalls does have some advantages! the boots skincare range is so underrated :))
    mills x

  2. Lovely post! I definitely want to try some of these products as they seem very good!

  3. I've been all about the vitamin C serums lately! I'm currently using a Superdrug one which is great. It's a shame this one seems to be causing you breakouts though - perhaps another brand might be better?



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