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August 06, 2020

I love my blog so much, it’s a place where I put so much hard work and time in and I see the rewards thought my views, comments and interactions it makes me so happy. I’m at a place with it I’m so happy and I want nothing but to create more content to make me and others happy But to get to this place has taken so much hard work and time to putting everything that is involved in building up my blog and creating the content that I post on a weekly basis. It is a known fact that it’s not easy and no one thinks it is easy.

For me a big factor of my motivation is seeing the rewards from the viewers of my posts - seen the comments and the interaction really makes it all worth it therefore sometimes you just need a boost to get there. Every once in while we all need that boost, that Step just to help us out and I wanted to give some blogging booster tips that really help me when I’m in a rut or trying to get the place The boost is always so necessary - once you have a little bit of push you can go anywhere you want.

My first booster has to be starting small. After coming out of a blogging rut, I always start by promoting old posts instead of focusing on new ones. This is a win-win situation as it will lead more traffic into your blog through old post deserve my love yeah it will give you some inspiration and motivation as you can see your blog doing well as people are reading these old posts and possibly even reading more of your posts - it involves no writing only some Twitter work for me and even Pinterest and the traffic will come flowing in.

Another way to also give your blog boost would be to help each other!! Nothing is better than supporting other people and their goals with their blogs as support is a two-way system it tends to be returned And you can see other people grow wild yourself and for me this makes me so happy someone else and I am getting sense of satisfaction from the feeling of support given to people who really deserve it. It’s inspires me to want to do it more and give people the love they deserve on their posts.

 The next thing really give me a boost for my blog is planning. This comes in all different shapes and sizes - It could be planning new posts, planning goals you want to achieve, planning ways to promote your blog etc. This is a perfect way to give yourself a boost of confidence and faith in yourself as you will see what you want been built up as ideas do you want to turn into reality - It’s really gets my inspiration on as all my ideas being mapped out give me even more of a boost to make them to reality and having the boost gives me the ability to feel like I can do anything with my blog. 

Motivation is a main thing you need when it comes yo blogging. You need to want to do write your posts and create the type of space you want with your own creative freedom. Sometimes you just need some blogging booster tips to help you get the there and achieve all of your dreams and desires. 
Bailey ♡ xxx

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