♡Top 9 Favourite Netflix Series♡

March 21, 2016

♡ top 9 favourite Netflix series ♡

So hey guys! I just wanted to recommend to you all my favourite Netflix series (theses are all the ones I've watched/ am watching)  because they deserve love and are some of the best shows ever!! This will be in order from best to not worse just not best.

1. pretty little liars! This is my favourite show of all time! It has such an amazing plot with the best characters and cast to play them! It never fails to amaze me in every episode. The plot twists are out of this world I recommend it to everyone like go watch it if you haven't seen it

2. Gossip girl! I love this! New York is my favourite place on earth and gossip girl is set there on the upper east side. (I'm totally going to half the places when I go to New York) It has such an amazing cast and plot line. Blair and chuck have such a relationship it makes me love them both so more! I love it so much you should go watch!

3. Prison break! This Show taught me how to break out of prison! (Hopefully I will never need to) I love that plot of the show! Ever season has me wanting more. Michael scofield is amazing I cried so much at the end and the fact there bringing it back is amazing.

4. American horror story! Im easily scared so I've not seen the last 2 season yet I plan on watching then but I love the first 3! Murder house is my all time favourite season!! I love Tate and violet so much they are the best characters!! Each season is so different but they all link in such an amazing way! Even peters is my future husband oh my he is beautiful

5. The shadowhunters! This is the mortal instruments book series by Cassandra Clare and it's being turned into a show, we are on episode 11 and I'm in love!!!! It's such a good turnout and is so alike the books, the actors are amazing and do the characters justice, I can't wait to see how my favourite parts are shown

6. Once upon a time! This show is fairy tales with a twist. I love Disney and fairy tales but the different take on some Villans and good characters is so good I love it!! The way they made all the stories link and bring so many characters. I love it and can't wait for season 5B Gillian oh my babe

7. 90210! So I watched this a couple of months ago and I loved it but at  certain parts, I kinda got quite bored. It made me really want to be like Niaomi Clarke the queen. All in all, though it was amazing and worth watching, I would watch it again

8. Orange is the new black! I love this show!! Even though there are some rude scenes which I didn't enjoy but The characters are all amazing, it give a real insite to prisons. I actually really like piper and Alex is my favourite of all . But  can we just hurry up season 4 like I need to know what happens

9. Unbreakable! This is a show I watch about a year ago, it has 13 episodes but is coming out with another season in April. It's good but my least favourite out of them all, it'd based off a true even and I love how they made it seem so real

So I hope you guys enjoyed this! Please let me know your favourite TV shows are we could talk about them in the comments. If you have ant reccomendations let me know!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I've started Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon A Time & Can't wait to finish it after all the hype over the series'


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