♡Photography- Starting Up!♡

April 08, 2016

♡ photography-starting up! ♡

So hey guys! I wanted to talk to you about a subject That recently I've become quite passionate about, photography.

So over the past month or so I've been getting more into photography and taking photos of nature, on my Twitter, I started doing 100 days of photography on April 1st and it's really helping, you should go check it out (https://twitter.com/pastelyoutubexo/status/715981321290575874). (cheeky self-promo).

But for me to actually start photography I needed some motivation and I got that from Instagram. I saw so many people taking so many cool photos I wanted to give it and go she since then it's become a passion of mine!

To take my photos I use nature as my focus at nature at the moment. Nature is my favourite thing to take photos of because of our natural beauty! whenever I'm out, I look for flowers or plants to take photos off, trees, cool things in general in the streets , if I'm possibly at the beach the sea and sand are good to take photos off but one of my favourites- sunsets!

I love sunrises and sunsets because they make me feel so relaxed! The colours are extraordinary and breathtaking considering they are all made in the sky and are just there, always different to the last! Some days they will be vibrant oranges and pink or others will be soft pinks and Sky Blues and the best part is you never know until it sets or rises.

I also love taking photos of the sky in general because some days it will be all blue and beautiful, some days it will be cloudy, some days it will be all dark and dull but it never fails to be beautiful! The sky makes me happy how photogenic it is because there is never a time you cannot take a good photo of it!

What I like about photography, it helps you see the natural beauty of the earth like you might not notice a little leaf in the wind but through the lens, it is so noticeable and beautiful. You get to see the world from a whole different point of view, one where everything it different and unique and can be turned into an amazing photo!

Still being quite new to the whole photography thing, I haven't quite figured out things like angles and positions or that I haven't done any editing to my photos, I want to maybe teach myself how to! At the moment, I'm using my iPhone 6 camera but I will get into using my camera my dad gave me soon (Canon Eos 400D With a canon EF-S 18-55mm lens)

So that's just a small insight on what photos I take and my ideas behind them and thoughts, I hope you guys enjoyed it and would love you to check out my Twitter and we could talk about photography!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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