♡Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection Review♡

July 09, 2016

♡ Tanya Burr cosmetics soft luxe collection review ♡

Hey, guys! So as some of my may know, my favourite YouTuber Tanya burr has extended her line of Tanya burr cosmetics and release new products! This new range is called the soft luxe collection and contains 3 liquid lipstick, 3 nail varnishes and 2 brand new palettes!

According to Tanya from her blogpost the collections all about romantic, neutral shades with subtle lilac and pinks. I'm super excited for this range as Tanya mentioned in her blogpost that there will be more to the range but this is all that's out at the moment.

Photo from Tanya's blogpost!

The two eyeshadow palettes are called Enchanted Dream and Birthday Suit,
The three matte nail polishes are New Chapter, Piggy Bank and Soft Pyjamas, and three matte lip colours are called Martha Moo, Puppy Paws and Rhubarb and Custard!

So now you know a little about this amazing range, let's get into the review!

Out of the 9 products, I got 1 of each and I am so impressed and extremely happy because I expected none the less since Tanya's other 2 ranges were amazing! I give this a definite 10/10!!

The packaging for all the range is so classy and chic! Personally, I love it because it's all a matte finish just like all the products in the range and it looks so photogenic and sleek. They got rid of the hot pink hearts on the lid of the Nail varnishes and glosses as for the hot pink frill on the palettes and to be honest I prefer it without it. I like the effect it has since the writing on the tube is still gold and shiny.

from the range, I have the enchanted dreams eyeshadow palette, 'Martha moo' matte lip and the matte nail varnish in 'new chapter'

As its a Neutral, pinky and lilac toned collection the shades are so beautiful and romantic and warm.

to start, the liquid lipstick i have is in the shade 'Martha moo' and it's such a beautiful colour since it's a mauvey warmed toned pinky-nude. It's very long lasting on the lips and super pigmented and comfortable! The products dried in 1-2 minutes I would say and you definitely have enough time to correct any mistakes. It one needs 1 coat and doesn't layer too well but none the less is amazing! I love the smell and I think it's amazing! I can't place my finger onto what it smells like but I really like it anyway!

The Nail varnish I got is a stunning colour! I got the shade 'new chapter' which is a gray colour with lilac undertones in certain lights. It's such an amazing colour and nail varnish! You only need one coat but I found using 2 coats makes it quite patchy, it dries so quickly and doesn't chip. I love how easy it is to apply and the brush just glides onto your nails, especially long nails! It is such a easy colour to apply and honestly is one of my favourite Nail varnishes to wear ever since i got it! I really want to try the other 2 colours, since I love this one so much.

Finally, I got the eyeshadow palette in the shade "enchanted dream". I had high expectations for this since the other palettes were amazing and I wasn't disappointed!

 This palette consists of 4 shades - 'moonlit walk' which is a shimmery champagne inner corner highlight shade, 'cocoa plum' which is a shimmery nude shade which I love but can't describe, 'berry soufflé' which is a matte with a little shimmery mauve shade and 'magic carpet' which is a matte with a little shimmer dark brown.

The packaging is so beautiful!! I love how there are adorable stars on each eyeshadow and how pigmented they all are! The shades are super wearable and you can make so many different looks with them!

I know I only reviewed the shades I have but I am going to get the other shades at some point because I guarantee there just as good as what I have!

So I hope you guys enjoy and find my review on the new cosmetic line helpful, I'll defiantly share my thoughts when more is added to this range because Tanya makes the BEST products!

( I have a review on the Zoe's sweet inspirations collection but I'm waiting till I have all of the collections bought till I post it  ;))

Bailey ♡ xxx

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