♡ Adventure diary: Lanzarote ♡

August 31, 2016

Hey, guys! So as you May know, from 18th to 25th august I went on a family holiday to Lanzarote, Puerto del carmen and honestly it was so amazing! We all had such a good time and I thought why not share a travel diary with you all!!

Travel day...going there: So the trip started with flying with jet 2 from Leeds and Bradford to Arrecife in Lanzarote. At the airport, I obviously went to the duty free and treated myself to the Dior lip experts duo set. We did have a shortish flight of only 4 hours and 30 minutes but I got very bored about halfway through. Finally, when we arrived we just went and chilled by the pool, had a walk on the beach, ate out for dinner, the place had the BEST steak EVER and watched the entertainment and that was our travel day done!

Day 1: today was just a chill day,as it is our first full day we decided we would take it easy and stay at the hotel and explore the place. So for the day we sat beside the pool reading my book for most of the day or just listening to Halsey and 5sos. It was such a chilled day and really lovely to not have a care in the world!  That night we just watched the entertainment in the hotel, it was a lady singing and she was amazing!

Day 2: today we walked down to the main strip and looked in all the shops, whilst we were there we had an amazing pizza for dinner then we got a taxi back to the hotel because the walk was an hour! back at the hotel, we just sat beside the pool for the rest of the day. Later that night we watched the entertainment and it was flamingo dancers!

Day 3: today was another chill day too, we spent the morning around sitting pool and then in the afternoon we walked on the beach and was on the beach for awhile. As it got later we went to a restaurant on the front and had another amazing; with all that there was an amazing view!! That night we played bingo in the hotel!

Day 4: today we decided to take a trip down to the harbour! It was honestly so beautiful I love harbours anywhere really, we watched the sea and lots of boats go along. there was a bar with a lovely woman who I talked about blink 182 with. Then later on we watched planes come in from the beach whilst the sunset, then on that night we just watched the entertainment in the hotel, tonight it was a man singing and he was good!

Day 5: today we had another chill day, we stayed around the pool for awhile and had a long walk to the beach, I also had another watermelon Ice lolly because there amazing and need to be spoken about more, I could eat them every day, to be honest. That night we just watched the entertainment in the hotel like every night, tonight was a double act and it was so good!

Day 6: so as today was our last full day, we sat beside the pool and enjoyed the weather for one last time but I sat in the shade because I was getting too hot, then we had a walk on the beach and later on we just got our bags ready and watch entertainment like every other night, there were 2 magicians and they were amazing!

travel day...going home: so it finally was time to go home and I was very ready!! We flew from the airport to Leeds and Bradford and I went to the duty free and was going to buy some things but there was nothing, so on the plane, I got victor and rolf bonbon 50ml,which I'm in love with and will be featured in an upcoming haul. then finally we arrived back to Leeds! As on the way there, I got bored half way through the flight but managed to get through it since we had a shorter flight of 3 hours 30 minutes! Once that was over we got our bags and headed home but then I saw a sale on Tarte and got something excited and after I went straight to bed because I was so tired out!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this little run over of my holiday!it was amazing and I would love to go back!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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