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August 17, 2016

Hey, guys! So we're at that mid-August time of summer where most people are jetting off on holiday and I am one of those people this year and I'm so excited!

 One of my main worries is packing. I never know if I have everything, have I overpacked? Have I under packed? so I always end up watching a lot of videos, read a lot of blog posts and now I used my own experience and gathered up some of my holiday essentials!!

 So to start off with one thing you ALWAYS need when it's hot is sun cream! Sun cream is a must to stop you from burning and to help you tan and protect your skin. As well as for your body, getting some form of SPF for your face always works! a primer, a face sun cream with SPF could make the world if a difference to your face!

Obviously, whenever you're somewhere sunny you NEED sunglasses! These protect your eyes from the sun and make you able to see as well as helping prevent wrinkles even from a young age! Sunglasses can make an outfit look 10x better but they have to suit your face or they can look bad. I have recently found my love for sunglasses and these have my heart! (These are on eBay and are a cheaper version of high-end glasses but are none the less amazing!)

As I am quite a book nerd, and I love reading, so on holiday I love sitting beside the pool or on the beach with a good book. It really is one of the best ways to spend a day because it's so relaxing and calming. Summery books are my favourite to read and I'm taking these books with me as their 2 of my favourites to read.

 As most people now I'm always on my phone, Away or not I'm truly addicted and I wouldn't be able to do go away without my phone and iPad, I recently got a new iPad and I love it so much! My phone is always with me, so these are things that MUST come on holiday with me!!

If you have electronics, you nee a charger don't you? I find my battery drains so quickly so I always need a portable charger! It has saved me so many times and I literally don't leave the house without it because you never know, especially when you're away from a plug it's better to be safe.

 Even if I don't use it I love knowing I have makeup with me when I'm away. I feel lost if I don't have it with me and from past experience I've realised you won't want to wear a lot of makeup in warm weather but one key product is a bronzer. My face doesn't tan and my body barely does, so a bronzer is always an easy way to give an even or even tan effect and I feel like you need this with you! (I might go more into makeup for when abroad in another blog post if you guys want me to)

Finally from past trips and YouTube videos I've gathered together my essentials kit. It's a small pouch where I keep girly things that I could always need on holiday and I bring it most places with me. It has everything you could possibly need and there are definitely things I will add to it when I'm away! I always have in this kit - Lipbalm (SPF One), Nail file ,mini wipes pack , hand sanitizer, hand cream , mini moisturiser, mini perfume, makeup wipes, gum, mirror, pen, headphones and plasters (I may be missing a few things but the basics are covered!)

So I hope you guys have enjoyed my holiday essentials and they have helped you packing, let me know some of your essentials that're you need because everyone has different things!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

 Also, I had it mention that kindly my friend Alicia from aesthetic obsessed did for me so you should all go check out her amazing blog as well!

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