♡ liquid lipsticks ♡

August 20, 2016

♡ liquid lipsticks ♡

Liquid lipsticks are one of the biggest trends of 2016; every brand is releasing them and everyone is buying them! The drugstore and high street have some rather amazing yet very similar ones, I just want to buy them all.

Most liquid lipsticks have very different formulas, some drying, some slightly tacky or some just right but all in all they all amazing. I haven't found a liquid lipstick yet that I wouldn't wear because of the formula, I think a lot of brands have mastered that pretty well, just like they have mastered the 'staying power'

Liquid lipsticks are essentially quite long-lasting; some you can eat in and will last all day (Kylie lip kit) and some just don't last that long. Most liquid lipsticks do last well throughout the day generally and I forget they are there a lot of the time because they feel so light.

The feeling of every liquid lipstick depend on the formula a lot, some feeling slightly sticking and uncomfortable at first but they just need to be on for awhile and after that; you would forget they're there! They can dry your lips out but they last so that's a plus??

All in all liquid lipsticks are good and I would recommend buying them but first swatch because they appear different on different skin tones and read up on them to make sure your 100% sure on everything about it because they can be so different, little things like the applicators can change your mind but there are lots out there now to choose from and the ones I've tried are all amazing!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this little round up full review thing I've done, to be honest, it's very different but I thought I would try it!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Hello Bailey! I have to admit that I prefer matte lipstick as you said the only bad thing is that they usually dry your lips. But I do love the colors you've picked up and your review! I want to try the Tania Burr one! We'll see!
    Thank you and have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi! And I am honestly on thr liquid lipstick hype at the moment, I love them and want more! And they do but I use Lipbalm a lot, thank you! I'm a nude and pink kinda girl and you should try it I do love it! Thank you too and you too xxx


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