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August 28, 2016

So hey guys! Recently I was browsing the Internet and I came across a new addition to the feel unique site! It instantly was very intrigued and I had to try it out!

So this is called 'pick 'N' mix' and essentially it's a subscription box for samples! I honestly love mini versions of products as it's a good way to try them out and you get minis, like who doesn't love minis? Their so cute and easy to take and travel places with.

To get this box you just go on the site and pick 5 samples from their selection of 500 samples they have at this moment in time. It's such a good deal because there is such a variation of amazing products to try out! You get them for free as the £3.95 it cost is for shipping so it's a really good deal! 1 box is allowed per account and this is valid every month! 

Top add to it, you get a £3.95 voucher to spend on your next order at feel unique which is such a good idea and will help when your buying more makeup, even if you wanted a full sized product of something you tried you could buy it AND save money!

So onto my box, the box I ordered took 4 working days, from Friday night when I ordered it to Thursday morning to come and I'm very pleased but feel unique generally have quick delivery. But I went away on Thursday so I had to wait another week to get my box. I expected a box but it came in a big flat packed what I called 'paper' parcel because I associate these with papers I don't know why but it fits everything in and protects it!

Into the 5 samples I chose in my box are: 
-Bioderma H2O makeup removing micelle solution 10ml 
-Kiehl's ultimate strength hand salve 5ml
-Maison Margiela Republica flower market eau de toilette 1.2ml
-Marc Jacob daisy dream eau de toilette 4ml
-REN clarimatte invisible pores detox mask 5ml

I am very happy with the sizes of the samples because they were not too small and I definitely could get a few uses out if them all. I'm in love with the daisy dream because I didn't expect it to be this big I'm in love! I honestly think these are very good sizes! They're so worth the price because it's good to try all these out a few times before you buy them, which is ideal so you don't waste your money on things your not gonna use because we have all been there before! 

from my samples, I received replica beach walk instead of flower market like I ordered. I'm honestly not fussed because I like either of them!

Obviously, I can't review the products as I haven't used Them yet but this was just an introduction to the box and just to share with you guys because I think it's so worth it and everyone should know about it! 

So I hope you guys enjoyed this review and try it out for yourself because I think this is such a good idea! Just to note this isn't sponsored all opinions are my own but I wish it was! 

Bailey ♡ xxx 

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