♡Things to do in the Summer♡

August 06, 2016

♡ Things to do in the Summer ♡

Hey, guys! So I'm in the second week of my summer holidays and first week in August which to me is officially summer m and I'm going to make this summer as productive as possible.I love doing nothing but I also love doing fun things with my friends or my own so this will help me be more social instead of being trapped in the works of Netflix!

So I decided I wanted to write a list of this to do in the summer, so I hope I get a lot of these done and I hope I have a brilliant summer!

-bake a lot of treats from Tanya Bakes and lots of other treats
-make lots of summery drinks
-have a sleepover with someone
-have a picnic with my friends
-make my own afternoon tea for friends
-make a Den
-read A L L  the Harry Potter books
-read over 12 books!!!
-watch a list of movies and have movie nights
-go to a photo booth and take cute photos
-go to the cinema
-go bowling
-have a pamper day
-make smores
-go on a scavenger hunts with friends
-do 3 things I wouldn't usually so
-do 3 things that scare me
-get a piercing
-take photos of sunsets
-drink 2 litres of water EVERDAY
-have a summer clear out and give some things to charity
-blog more!
-use coconut oil because it's the answer to everything
-spend more time around people I love
-work on yourself!
-go strawberry picking
-have earlier nights
-go to the beach
-learn a new hobby
-go somewhere new
-go to the fair
-make Pinterest DIYS
-watch a bonfire
-go to the zoo
-go to the art gallery
-say 'yes' to everything for a day
-watch sunrises and sunsets
-have a summer clear out

I can't wait to try to do as many of these things as I can, some are more personal goals others are things everyone can do but none the less I hope you guys enjoyed this list and have an amazing summer yourselves.

Bailey ♡ xxx

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