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September 06, 2016

Hey guys! So it's September now and sadly summer is now officially over :(( for most people like me it's the worst time you could dream of; back to school. The only plus side is Autumn is coming and bonfire night and Christmas (and my birthday) so atleast there is something to look forward to!!

Honestly I hate school and I hate everything about it, I just always have. It's just not an enjoyable place and goes against everything i enjoy but this is my opinion, some people may like and enjoy school which in case you do, go you and enjoy education but I don't.

So having been stuck in secondary school for the past 2 years I've gathered a few of my own hacks, tips and tricks whatever you wanna call them to make school life Easier and maybe end slightly enjoyable, these have helped me do everything I need to for school and get through my week, so I hope they can help you!

Hack 1 - have early nights!

Over the holiday EVERYONE messes their sleeping pattern, sleeping at 5am and waking up at 3pm isn't good and I'm speaking from experience. One think I always try do on school nights is have early nights because it does help the school day not be as bad because if I'm tired I feel as if the day is dragging and I cannot concentrate.

Hack 2 - do homework thr night you get it!

I hate homework. I hate it with a passion but nothing is better then finishing it and getting it out of the way! I find doing it the night you get it or gradually doing it every night helps so much because leaving it last minute and having to rush it is horrible. I am quite lucky and for my past 2 years at high school I haven't got too much homework but I know it's going to change so, getting it done the sooner is better!

Hack 3 - always have food!

You all may say this is either obvious but take food. You may forget breakfast but remember you gave a snack bar in your bag or not be hungry on a morning but be hungry at break. Always have food on you, because being hungry is the worst at school especially when you have no food so always have food you don't regret it.

Hack 4 - carry the essentials with you!

Yes as you may have gathered, I am always prepeared. I'm that friend that has everything and everyone always asks me for things, I suppose it's good because you never know when you might need have dry hands or when a Nail may break or even if you ever get a paper cut. I have a mini essentials kit and other essentials that I keep in my bag for whenever I may need it and in the past they have came in handy!

Hack 5 - have everything ready the night before!

Getting up if by far the hardest part of the day and if you're ever late it's 10x worse. One thing I do to make my morning as stress free as possible is the night before I get my bag, my dinner, my uniform and everything else that I'll need the next step ready so I have it and won't forget anything and this is honestly one of the most useful things i do. it helps so much!

Hack 6 - Use google translate to read out any work/ homework to find mistakes

Whenever I write I find I always write things wrong and end up having to make a lot of corrections and read through it a lot, so I saw people putting their text into Google and it reading it out for them and it's so good to hear someone read your work to make sure it's perfect! This helps reduce mistakes, correct grammar and spelling, two things I'm not ever good at so this is my lifesaver!

Hack 7 - Put phone on the other side of the room so you have to get up

My alarm is the bane of my life. I have it go off an hour earlier then I need to get up and I usually end up snoozing it and putting it in my bed with me. So if I put my phone across my room it makes me get up to turn my alarm off and will actually force me to get up. Honestly I did this once and ur helped but I was in a bad mood so I may try it again. May.

Hack 8 - Make a playlist of the time you need to get ready in so you know how long you need

I love listening to music before school, it put me in a slightly better mood than I could be and helps wake me up when I'm dancing to it. I've seen people make a playlist for example 30 minutes long so it gives you 30 minutes to get ready and I think this is such a good idea! It helps me get ready quicker and be in a better mood on a morning! I usually dedicate 2 songs per thing to do , like 2 songs to get ready to, 2 songs to do your skincare to and things like that, it does help!

 Hack 9 - drink water throughout the day

School can be very stressful. Stressing gives me headaches but one way to clear this is to drink lots of water though the day! Drinking water helps improve your mood, helps clear your skin and helps avoid headaches for me. Obviously you should always stay hydrated but you can forget so I always try drink 2 litres of water per day to keep me hydrated!

Hack 10 -use highlighters on your work

The last hack has to be my favourite. Use highlighters. At school I'm always the person to highlight everything important in my book and make my work look prettier with my highlighters. I find if I highlight the important things like subheadings, facts or key points they will stand out more to be and I will remember them. This look pretty and is defiantly a way of remembering and very useful for revision!

So I hope you guys enjoyed these school hacks and have a good time if you go back to school (if that's humanly possible) I hope you also find these useful, they may help you if they help me so try them out!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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