♡ Charlotte tilbury hot lips review ♡

September 14, 2016

Hey guys! So afew months ago I finally decided to bite the Bullet and got my first piece of makeup from Charlotte tilbury! i've wanted something for so long and am so glad i've finally got something, you guys may not know but I have admired the beauty of this brand for so long and I'm so glad to finally own something!

This lipstick is honestly the best lipstick I've used. Definitely 100/10!! Everything about this is honestly perfect and it makes me want to go buy the whole collection because there isn't a flaw in it.

The packaging. Oh my lord. This is one of the prettiest pieces of makeup i own because the rose gold is stunning! It's so luxurious and by far my favourite lipstick packaging I've even had!  It's so different with the pattern to a normal lipstick, as well as the logo on the top of the lid, which I think is such a good touch!

If this would count as packaging, I honestly love the lipstick print that's on the lipstick itself, it's such an personal and amazing little touch along with its bullet which is different and I do prefer it to a normal lipstick shape now.

Also the box is beautiful! It's the classic box but the bright red 'hot lips' just gives it such an amazing touch!

The lipstick retails for £23, which is quite expensive but I think the packaging and quality pays for itself, it's truly amazing! Plus £1 goes to charity for each lipstick so in a way we're doing good, the whole collection is inspired by powerful and iconic woman and going good so I think it's all honestly with it

As the Charlotte tilbury website states 'Kim is the queen of the beige lip and this vintage-inspired pale, nude-y pink will make lips look fuller and instantly kissable. It’s all about the pale pouts of the 1960’s screen-sirens Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and Audrey Hepburn. The perfect addition to the sultry ROCK CHICK look' this is completely true and the best way to describe the lipstick, it's a shade anyone could look good in and is a staple in a collection!

On the lips as its matte which isn't a lie, it is as matte as it could get, with almost a cashmere appearance, it completely isn't drying, if anything it moisturises your lips and lasts about 3 hours (give or take Abit and eating may remove it) and it's honestly so much better then most lipsticks out there!

Honestly I would recommend this shade to anyone looking for an amazing, long lasting, perfect nude and I'm sure the entire collection is just as amazing as this is! I think everyone deserves to treat themselves and own a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick!

So I hope you enjoyed my review on this amazing lipstick and hopefully it was helpful! (i'm sorry about the bad photos)

Bailey ♡ xx

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