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September 25, 2016

Hey, guys! So recently I went into Benefit for my cousin to get her brows waxed. Whilst I was looking at the dew the Hoola, a lovely lady came over and showed me how to apply it and then we got onto brows. My brows are not too good, to be honest, they have no shape and are kinda overgrown but I'm growing them.

The lovely lady (who's name I'm not sure of) helped my on shaping my brows and gave me some super useful tips that I think everyone should know. I never paid attention to them before but trying them changed my ways of doing my brows, obviously you may know these but in case not this could help you, like it's helped me! And I apologise for how badly this is explained, I'll try to find photos from Google and I will be sharing the brow products from Benefit that were used on me! This process is called brow mapping (it's pretty obvious thinking about it now)

So to start with before anything you need to make sure you have the perfect shade pencil, brow palette, or whatever you use. I got colour matched to shade '5' in benefit so we used shade 5 of brow zing (which I will be purchasing at some point)

Onto shaping the brows now, to get the basic shape of the brow, you need to use something like the end of a brush or a pen which is small and thin so you can map out the shape of your brows

1.For the front of your brows put the brush  up against your nose and it will show you where your brow would start, I like to do a small line

2.Then for the arch from the dimple your nose, go straight through your pupil and that should show you where the highest point of your arch should be

3.Finally for the showstopper, the tail of your brow! For this, you start from the dimple of your nose and go just to below your eye, in the corner and that should show your where your brow should end! I'm lucky enough for that to be the only part of my brows that's perfect

(from benefits website)

So now we have the basic shape of your eyebrows, all that's left to do is fill them in carefully, for a natural look, start darker  and work your way lighter from the tail, but for a more defined look, which I go for, start darkest at the tail and go slightly lighter but not by much as you go through the Brow.

Once there filled in, she used a cotton bud to clean up any lines or mistakes up and used concealer to make them sharper. She used the ------ concealer and it was amazing, it helped define and just finish off the brows! Finally, we finished by setting my newly shaped brows in place with the new ready, steady brow gel!

If you don't have the benefit products, any brow powder, cream concealer and Brow gel works perfectly! I use the urban decay Gwen Stefani brow box, Mini benefit brow gel is Rimmel brow gel and just the collection lasting perfection concealer but I'm working on getting these brow products as they looked amazing on me!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this short post on how to achieve the perfect brow! I would definitely recommend going to Benefit for anything to do with brows as there the Kings and queens of brows in my opinion! (This isn't sponsored but I wish it was!)

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. This was such a great read!! I use conceler around my brows because it helps to bring them out more too, great post lovely. X

  2. Thank you! And it helps make my brows look so sharper and have such an amazing shape. X


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