♡ the sky ♡

September 10, 2016

The sky is such a beautiful and quite underrated thing, it holds the stars, the moon, the sun and the clouds, it produces amazing sunsets and sunrises every single day. It  makes a countless amount of shapes with fluffy white clouds every day and also is one of the main sources of our weather.

The sky creates the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets, all individual and never the same.

Some night it's just yellows, blues and oranges sky

Some nights just pink sky

Some night it's pink and blue sky

Some night it's vibrant colours sky

Some mornings just simple yet still interesting to look at

The possibilities of the sky are endless and will carry on throughout time, just getting better and better as we go on. the colours will change, and the cycle will on.

The clouds are strange things when you really think, they look like fluffy cotton balls floating around but there really a visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating in the atmosphere, that are high above the general level of the ground.

They have so many different shapes and sizes, that are never the same and all so unique.

Let's talk about the weather. In England, it's very indecisive, as you get from the saying 'you change your mind like the weather'. It might be sunny one day but rainy the next, we never ever get snow anymore (or haven't had any decent in 3 years) and can have windy days but it's all beautiful in its own way.

The sun shines brightly when it's out and helps the sky create its colours, it gives us warmth and lets us do lots of fun things outside, which can be limited in the UK so we make the most of when we get it.

The rain is very peaceful and beautiful to watch. it appears often but I love it none the less. It makes  such a calming noise and I can watch it from my windows forever.

The snow, well there very rare treat and a sensitive topic as we're waiting patiently for a whitewash, but we appreciate what we've had. its so beautiful and makes everyone's mood increase 10x more.

And finally the wind. You see everything rustle and sway in it but never see the wind itself. You can feel it but never see it, just watch its doings, quite fascinating honestly.

So j hope you guys enjoyed this little insight into my thoughts and some of my photography (isn't amazing but oh well). I might do more of these little artsier 'Tumblr' posts because I really enjoyed this and wrote it spontaneously at 2am whilst I was awake thinking!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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