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October 08, 2016

Hey, guys! So recently I've been spending a lot of money on high-end makeup and I thought why not show it to you guys? I had a had a collective high-end beauty haul written before but I accidentally deleted it but anyway they were irrelevant but here's some of the new editions to my makeup collection! I haven't got much high-end beauty since March/April so I've loved getting all of this over time (it's actually all over a week i haven't got anything since oops)

So to start off this haul, I went on holiday and obviously I HAD to stop on duty-free, it's like a must if you're going to a airport and love makeup. so I decided to start my holiday off I should treat myself and get something I've really wanted and I did! I got the  Dior addict lip expert set, which had the Dior lip glow and lip maximiser in and I'm so glad I got it because it is amazing. It's such a luxury makeup item I wouldn't buy myself normally but I knew I wanted it a lot and I will use this a lot!

I know this isn't really counted in the haul but I wanted to include it anyway, I got the September edition of Elle magazine and it had a mini benefit dew the hoola. I've been trying it out and I love it! It's so natural looking and gives a nice bronze look, just like hoola I think it's a staple and can't wait to use it more!!

As well as getting beauty items, a friend also told us that Lanzarote don't have the tax on their perfumes so obviously, I had to treat myself to a new perfume! But I decided to wait till on the plane because we had 20% off on out boarding pass. I'm quite a body spray/perfume Hoarder so I go end up with lots. As a lot of things I got I've wanted this perfume for awhile as well and I just finally bite the bullet and got it. I chose Victor and Rolf BonBon and I'm so glad I did! It was a choice but finally decided this was the one! It smells really florally and I love that, I'm very glad I bought it and cannot wait to use it!!

When I got home the first thing I did was look on Twitter and whilst I was there something popped up. Tarte was having a sale for the bank holiday and of course I had to order something! The shipping was free and the shipping is usually like £10 like that's such a good deal as Tarte isn't widely available in the Uk. So I had to order the Tartelette in the bloom palette. but it didn't work out for me because i had to pay £15 customs but it was worth i. This is honestly my favourite palette and I love it so much, it's amazing and I'm doing a review on it so stay tuned ;))

As the duty free in Lanzarote wasn't too good, I converted the rest of my euros into pounds and as well My great auntie always gives us money at random times of the year and this year we received it now so decided to treat myself to something from Charlotte tilbury because that's a makeup brand I've loved for awhile and wanted something from for awhile so I finally bite the bullet. So to start I got the k.i.s.s.i.n.g hot lips lipstick in the shade 'Kim k w' which I'm so glad I got because again I've wanted this shade since the collection came out and am so glad it's finally in my collection Because it's amazing and so photogenic, but what Makeup isn't?

So I hope you guys enjoyed this high-end haul, it's quite long and detailed but I decided to try something different for once, do you like it? I hope you do because it was so fun to write and get!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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