♡ blogmas day 2 - Christmas gift guide for her ♡

December 04, 2016

So hey guys! As this is my first Christmas blogging and I decided to try 12 days of blogmas! Christmas is one of my favourite times if the year so I hope you all keep up with my posts and enjoy what I'm doing, a lot of effort has gone into this and I'm so excited to share my Christmas excitement with you all so read away! These will go up at 5pm BST every other day so get excited!!

So today I'm doing my first gift guide! Personally gift guides are one of my favourite posts to read and are so helpful so today I am starting with a gift guide for her! this is definitely for more makeup lovers and is quite pricey but its all so worth it.

1. Large jar Yankee candle - snowflake cookie - £21.99
2. Eyeshadow palette - too faced chocolate bar - £39
3. Charlotte tilbury mini matte revolution lipstick charms  - £29
4. Mac Nutcracker Sweet Gold Pigments and Glitter Kit - £26
5. Zoeva rose Holden luxury set vol. 2 - £65
6. Anastasia glow kit -  moonchild - £39

So I hope you guys enjoy these and they were! A Lot of these are beauty items that any girl would love to Receive at Christmas.

Bailey ♡ xxx

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