♡ Jeffree star velour liquid lipstick 'mannequin` review ♡

March 12, 2017

 Hey guys! So I have heard so many great review of the jeffree star Products from youtubers and A few friends so just after Christmas I finally decided to buy a liquid lipstick! As much as people may dislike jeffree as a person,I personally think his makeup line is amazing, so all feelings aside please take into account i don't agree with him as a person.

I rate this product 10/10!! I love love love this product and everything about it, recently it's been all I wear, my go to nude and has to be my all time favourite liquid lipstick! Recently I've been loving the liquid lipsticks and was super excited to try out Jeffree's liquid lipsticks because liquid lipsticks are my go to lip products and I love to try out more from different brands.

The packaging is something different, it's smaller and chubbier but that doesn't bother me. I love the hot pink and the rose gold writing, it makes it stand out compared to the mundane black long and thin packaging and jeffree is all about standing out. It's such a hard plastic and feels such good quality.

The box goes for the same as the packaging, it stands out and is different with the bright pink and rose gold metallic and I honestly love it so so much!

The lipstick retails for £16 and I think this is amazing! Considering how easy they're to get ahold off beauty bay in the UK, for the quality of the liquid lipstick the price is a good one! Liquid lipsticks can add up now but this is so worth the price

The shade I got is called 'mannequin', named after  the stereotypical nude shade of dolls or mannequins body. It's described as a blushed cool toned creamy beige. To me it's my my perfect nude, not too pinky, brown or peachy, not too dark or light it's just perfect, a staple needed in EVERYONES collection!!

For the smell, this is one thing I'm not a fan of with this product BUT I can get past it, to me it's like liquorice but I think it's meant to be root beer and I do not like that smell. It isn't too over powering but it is there!

And for the main part everyone wants to know about, the formula and this just makes the product 10x better. It dries down in maybe a minute and Is so lightweight, it barely feels there and lasts so well though the day! You can build up on it and it won't look bad. I honestly don't think you can put a fault on the formula

So I hope you all enjoyed this review, I honestly wouldn't recommend Jeffree's liquid lipsticks any more and I can't wait to try out more of his products!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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