♡ Charlotte Tilbury quick 'n' easy natural glowing look review ♡

April 15, 2017

Charlotte tilbury is one of the most beautiful and luxury makeup brands I've ever seen. When it comes to being able to pick ANYTHING for a treat, this surely was a winner. I've been eyeing the set up since I first saw it and seen as it was limited edition and sold out EVERYWHERE but Selfridges, I see other people had the same idea as me. It's full of beautiful products and 100% worth it.

This product is obviously a solid 10/10. Everything about it if just amazing - The product range, the packaging, the price! I don't think the set could get any better if it tried.

This set includes:
~ Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria
~ Beach Stick in Moon Beach
~ Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in Amber Haze
~ Mini Wonderglow Face Primer
~ Mini Legendary Lashes mascara

The set claims that it will add an instant glow and radiance to your skin, in 5 minutes. I can't stay it took 5 minutes but I do mess around doing my makeup so it could just be me, but it really is quick and easy!

The packaging is Charlotte tilbury! It defiantly hasn't failed to impress and is stunning, so aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. I am in love with Charlotte tilbury's packaging and think it's the prettiest out there!

At the price of £55, it is a lot of money but Is so worth it, considering it includes 3 full sized products that would cost around £70 bough individually, with 2 deluxe samples AND a makeup bag, you get your money's worth and do save if you was gonna buy individually.

As they'res 5 products I'm just gonna run though them instead of in depth reviews, sharing my thoughts in less words then normal!

To start with, you receive the set in a makeup bag. The bag itself is made so high quality, is beautiful with the rose gold detailing and such a travel friendly size, it's everything you would want in a makeup bag

For the products I'm starting with my favourite, the lipstick. There is nothing to fault with this, I love the shade and the formula is my new favourite, it definitely lives up to the name and really is matte! For a lipstick it also lasts really well

Onto the moon stick. I haven't been able to try this much because honestly I'm not good at working with cream products but the formula seems really good and the shade is a beautiful peach with the golden glitter speckles - perfect for summer!

The last full size product is the Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil!  This is such a beautiful product, the colour is an amazing brown almost bronze with gold and is such a creamy formula which is perfect for layering. The only think I found is it doesn't blend perticually well for me, it might be my brushes but it really is a quick and easy product which does last on the eyes all day

For the minis, I have a lot of opened mascaras so I'm using them and I haven't got onto using the mascara yet but I will soon hopefully.

Finally for the primer, I am really liking primers recently! I've noticed this does make your makeup last, not as well as some of my other primers but it does its job and is perfect for summer giving my skin a glowy look to it like it claims! It is really good product I do enjoy using it.

swatch order - eye crayon, lipstick, cream blush, primer

So I hope this review didn't make you gush too much over the beauty of this set! I use it daily and definitely think it's something everyone deserves to treat themselves to, all the products are so worth the money!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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