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May 01, 2017

Blogging is such an amazing thing to do and I really enjoy it every day. But it's not always easy to come up with ideas when you get blogger block. Whilst I've been stressing over my exams recently, I have suffered with this that's why I took a week off for revision and to gather ideas. They're nothing more I hate than missing a week posting or not having anything to post, so I find these posts extremely helpful.

I have so much respect to the people who blog daily because I do weekly posts and sometimes am out of ideas (why I always try plan ahead) . These posts, just with Afew ideas on what I could write are sometimes the most helpful things you can find

1. What makes you happy
2. DIYs
3. Reviews
4. Guides / help posts
5. What's in my bag?
6. Talking about a topic
7. Baking
8. Testing new products
9. Q&A
10. Everyday makeup routine
11. Staple beauty / skincare products
12. Goals list
13. Skincare routine - morning and night
14. Things you would recommend
15. Why I started my blog
16. Duping products
17. Gift guide for an occasion
18. OOTD
19. Seasonal photography
20. Life hacks to help make days raise
21. Travel diary
22. School themed posts
23. Story time
24. Current favourites
25. Hauls
26. The power of makeup
27. Lifestyle / fashion / beauty Wish list
28. Blogging made me buy it
29. Makeup starter kit
30. People who inspire me
31. Letter to my future self / children
32. Room tour
33. Makeup storage
34. Blog post ideas
35. Bucket list
36. Favourite films
37. Sharing childhood memories
38. Favourite candles
39. Brands worth the hype
40. Drugstore products everyone should try
41. High end products with the money
42. Monthly favourites
43. Ways to style an item
44. How to stay organised
45. How to be productive
46. First impressions
47. Adapting your makeup to the season
48. Cruelty free brands
49. Beauty tips everyone should know
50. Sharing your favourite quotes

So I hope this helped you in some way, shape or form! Blogging is hard when you have no ideas so sharing with friends or even just stocking up on them is always a good idea!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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