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June 02, 2017

Life's tough. Most people will think ' they're just teenagers what do they know' but they're right We don't know much, but we have have our own experience which isn't 'stress' or just 'hormones' of being a teenager. They may not be 'real problems' but We've all struggled and it's hard for us all.

Recently I've had one of the worse experiences of my life in Manchester arena, I was there and an amazing night was ruined. But I'm not going into that because everyone already knows by now but I luckily got out okay. So devastating what Happened. Rip to all the beautiful people who's lives were lost but let's get into the post instead of talking about it. 

It made me think because I've been not in the best mindset for it all and I've wanted to do anything but think about life sometimes and I have been trying to distract myself to make my mindset better so I wanted to things of things to help. I've realised things that I've been frequently doing and they really have helped me so I though I'd share them to maybe even help someone. 

  1. Have a hot drink to calm down and relax 
  2. Help improve someone else's day by maybe a complement or writing a nice message 
  3. Read positive and motivational quotes 
  4. Do what makes you happy (obvious but) 
  5. Bake some treats 
  6. Make lists about anything and everything 
  7. Thing about things that make you smile 
  8. Talk to the people you care about, it will go a long way  
  9. Take a bath of a shower and just relax 
  10. Do a Facemask to give your skin the TLC it needs 
  11. Have a pamper, if you feel nice your mindset will improve 
  12. Watch your favourite tv show 
  13. Go for a drive and just watch the world go buy 
  14. Write a journal or just write down thoughts 
  15. Eat your favourite foods 
  16. Listen to your favourite music 
  17. Go for a walk to clear your head  
  18. Watch the sky - the clouds, the sunset, the stars 
  19. Read a book to escape into another world 
  20. Buy some flowers or just look at them 

So I hope all of these little tips and tricks will help improve your day or even just help distract you from life even in the slightest because life's hard but last but most importantly thing is just to remember everything's going to be okay. 

Bailey xxx

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  1. I think number two is really clever. I never really thought about it before but when I'm feeling down it really does pick up my mood to try and do something to lift someone else up :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I always find being surrounded by happy people / being the cause of other people's happiness can help make my day so much better! I just love making other people happy it always helps


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