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July 22, 2017

If you know me, you'll know I am one of the most organised people you'll ever meet. I love to keep myself organised and do things just to be ready. It's a good trait but can really get frustrating when things aren't organised. I think it's one of the only thinks that keeps my sanity, it keeps me calm & helps my brain stop working because if I'm not organised I stress so much.  

Over the past few years I've realised my own ways of doing this and it's been going well for me so I though I might as well share it with you all in hope it helps! I have quite Afew so I'm going to make this across 2 posts (I also was up to my neck in school so didn't have the time to write more but wanted to post something but minor details) 

1. Be prepeared

So much could happen. You can be prepared in Afew different ways. Wether it's always having everything you'll need or planning ahead to know what you're doing they work like a treat. I'm always the friend that has everything in my bag and it pays off so much & I always am prepared with a plan if it's like a day out. Being prepared is never a bad thing. 

2. Be tidy

It's one of the most common things known a tidy space is a tidy mind! I feel like I can't relax if my room isn't tidy so I always keep tidy & keep mess down to 'organised mess' and this helps me know where everything is & just help to calm down & switch off on a night.

3. Make lists

I write lists for everything. To do lists are what I live by! I love having everything I need to do written down so I can relax my mind and not have to think about it but know I won't forget it because it's written down. This helps me so much be organised as I know what I'm doing and can usually figure out when I'm doing it then too. My life is spent writing lists honestly. 

4. Plan things out 

This can go under being prepeared but it causes no harm in planning. Wether it's a trip into town or things you want to buy, planning is the way forward! Planning just makes your life so much easier because If you know what you're doing it all gets done right and then quicker. I rarely go places without planning now.

I hope this post even just motivated you to try be organised like it'll honestly change your life if you really try it. It's effected me so much and made me so more organised and I hope it does the same for at least one person! (PS i am sorry the text is so small, my laptop / is having problems & wont let me have the text size as normal i don't understand why)

Bailey xxx 

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