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September 20, 2017

 Over a year ago, I did this exact post. But in the past year I've learnt a lot of new tips!  My skin hasn't got any better, but at the same time no worse so I've been doing something right here.I have gathered a lot tips & tricks that are quite easy, yet really useful tips to try clear my skin and I though I would share them with you guys.

This hasn't been easy - they'res been a lot of trial & error. Figuring out my skin is half of the job and I still haven't done that yet so I'm still working on it, but recently my skin has been cleared right up! I must be doing something right & I was thinking and did my bit of research and managed to gather a list of things that have helped 

Let's start with the most common thing anyone will say to you - drink a set amount of water water per. keeping yourself hydrated is such a key thing to do, It's so good for your body and it helps your skin so much! I try to drink 2 litres of water a day and it really does make a difference. My skin feels so much softer, hydrated  and the spots calm down a lot when I keep up with it. 

Use a Facemasks. It may seem obvious but, facemasks help clear my skin. They're amazing for the skin & target so many problems. Mixing and matching them is good so they work every time & help do whatever the set mask you chose should, but don't be fooled. The 99p at Superdrug ones can work as good as a £20 one from an expensive brand, it's all about finding the best ones for your skin & what you're using the mask to target. 

have a skincare routine that fits you! If you have oily skin - get products for oily skin. If you have sensitive skin then get products for sensitive skin. Make sure your skincare routine agrees with your skin to make sure it has some sort of effect. It takes around 3 weeks for a noticeable difference in a product so always give products time if you're changing up your routine. I try to keep it simple because my skin doesn't like too many products since I'm still young and my skin is changing. A routine will help everything clear up / stay clear and give you more of an understanding on your skin so it's super important you have products you always stick to / come back to in the end. 

Sleeping is key. We all need our sleep & its 
Usually teenagers who get less than 4 hours some nights. Having a good night sleep is something that really helps my skin, it clears dark circles & helps me feel fresh - which you can tell on my skin! I always try sleeping for a decent amount of time and it may not work sometimes but I try. 

So finally a the ne thing that I will forget to do is to exfoliate. It's such an important step in doing skincare because dry skin and dead skin cells just stays on your face (it is disgusting really thinking about it) so getting it off is so much better for your skin! They aren't meant to be harsh but just scrub enough to get rid of unnecessary and trust me it can make the world of a difference!

With this post, I could go on and on because I've found so many times to help with my skin & find more daily! I loved sharing them with you guys and hope they do help some someone in need of clearing their skin! 

Bailey xxx 

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