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October 24, 2017

Finally, Autumn the best time of the year is here! I've been counting down the day till the season arrives (and it's socially acceptable to burn pumpkin scented candles) and it's finally here. Whilst the weather is getting colder & the days are getting shorter, i decided along with tut change of season, I should change my makeup to go with it!

I'm not really adventurous for autumn, I have the normal expected autumn looks - bronze eye, dark nude lip (and the occasional dark lip) and the warm champagne glow. Honestly this is one of my favourite looks, it suits my complexion so well. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite autumn makeup essentials that I defiantly will be reaching to for the most. 

To start with, I am so excited to get my favourite holy grail highlighter back out - Mac soft and gentle! I'm honestly in love with the colour of this, the warm champagne tone compliments any and every skin tone. It's so wearable and does with every look you can do. This is just the most perfect highlighter you'll ever find! 

Onto eyes, I'm not majorly adventurous. Realistically I'd like to be one of those people who wears any and every colours on my eyes but I don't have that confidence to do it. When the weather gets colder I gravitate to more darker shades like warmer Browns & bronze colours. Nothing looks prettier than a bronze eye done right and one of my favourite colours to use on my lid is colourpop nillionare. It goes perfectly with all the Browns in my morphe palette. 

Another perfect bronze shade is the well hyped maybelline colour tattoo on & on bronze. This went around YouTube maybe a year or too ago and I honestly still love it - the hype has stuck. It's so easy and foolproof to use!! I love being able to just grab it, pat it on and be done.

Last but not least onto lips. I'm autumn my lip colour always changes - it could be a my basic go up nude which is the nyx lingerie lipstick in lace detail. This is the perfect nude that goes with everything and always loons amazing and 99% of the time I gravitate to this when I'm choosing a lip product 

Another lipstick I love to death is the Charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick in 'very Victoria'. This is such a love dark browny nude that suits the season of autumn perfectly. The lipstick is perfect - the formula, the shade & the packaging. You really can't go wrong with it! I'm hopelessly in love with this shade and plan on wearing it as much as I can throughout autumn. 

I could've added so many more products but I had to narrow it down to the best and I couldn't be happier with what I've got at the minute. I'm so excited for autumn to come fully - it's gonna be good! 

Bailey xxx

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