♡20 helpful skincare tips ♡

January 27, 2018

Looking after your skin is vital! They’re nothing I love more than skincare and finding new tips & tricks to help it because you can never stop learning.Just a disclaimer I am in now way a skincare expert! These tips might not be correct but they’re things I’ve found out recently / learnt. I  love looking at ways to help my skin and these are things I’ve found to always follow.
  1. NEVER sleep with makeup on 
  2. Having a staple routine with holy grail products you can always good back to whenever your skin is bad is a must! 
  3. Always Moisturise!!! No matter what skin type you have moisturising is vital 
  4. Your skin is oily because it’s producing so much oil to deal with the dryness So you should combat oiliness with moister to get a balance 
  5. Drinking water does help no matter what anyone says as it hydrated your skin it may not clear spots though
  6. You can’t go wrong with natural products, they’re full of good things and can help more than all chemical ingredients  
  7. The less ingredients a product has sometimes the better so always look out for less as they can be nicer on the skin 
  8. Alcohol dries your skin out so any products with alcohol will dry your skin out
  9. Try notice skincare ingredients - the good, the bad & the natural  
  10. Products can take 2+ weeks for a noticeable affect so be patient  
  11. The sun is bad for your skin!! Always use SPF when you can 
  12. What you eat can affect your skin - healthier diet = clearer and nicer skin
  13. Exfoliating helps!! Exfoliate 2 times a week tops to help get rid of dead skin cells 
  14. Sweating is a way your skin breathes - always wash your face with cold water to help close pores once your skin had sweated 
  15. Your skin can like change, incorporating new products in your routine can be good
  16. Avoid touching your face as much as possible
  17. Cleaning your brushes regularly will help your skin and avoid bacteria building up on your face 
  18. Face masks are always a good idea 
  19. A burning feeling on your face when you use a new product is never a good sign 
  20. Be careful not to overload your face with products - sometimes it can make your skin worse & clog pores

I hope these tips were in some form helpful or maybe just interesting to read because I love sharing information / facts / tips and tricks I’ve picked up with you guys! Doing research for posts like this is so fun too, you always can learn.

Bailey xx  

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  1. Great tips! And all so true! x

  2. Thank you, these tips are super helpful and your blog is fab!
    - Charlotte www.viewsofvenus.com x

  3. These tips are really helpful, lovely post x

  4. Oh man I am guilty of a few of these lol! I have been wanting to try Glam Glow!


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