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March 28, 2018

I’ve loved jewellery ever since I can remembered. I always would see the glits and glam of the sparkly rings I saw my mums friends wear and I would always just look at then and admire them!! Diamond and sparkly gems were always my favourite and I had so much dress jewellery I would wear it all at once, now I’ve really gone up in the world with my jewellery!

 Online shopping is one of my favourite things to do and somehow it ended up being 1am with lots of screenshots of gorgeous jewellery I was lusting over and I really couldn’t resist looking at them. I spent so long on different websites (mainly Selfridges) and found so many amazing pieces, I just want to buy them all! Personally I love silver (mainly) dainty jewellery and you can see that but I’ve varied in certain styles with afew statement pieces

 Earrings ❁
 I have 3 pairs of earrings that I’ve found and I’m in love with. No way I need more earrings anyway but I just have a thing for them. The Dior earrings are such a statement / investment that I think are gorgeous, the Vivian Westwood are just go with everything and are so dainty and the ted baker are so simple yet wearable!

 Dior tribal earrings - https://m.dior.com/couture/en_gb/womens-fashion/jewellery/dior-tribales/dior-tribales-earrings-in-gold-finish-24-4959

 Vivian Westwood thin lines flat orb stud earrings - https://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/_276-84005165-BE1572

 Ted baker harly mini heart earrings - http://www.tedbaker.com/uk/Womens/Accessories/Jewellery/HARLY-Heart-stud-earrings-Silver-Colour/p/131767-08-SILVER-COLOU

 Rings ❁
 One jewellery item I haven’t got is ring, I’ve never been interested in them but recently I’ve just wanted a nice dainty ring and I saw the pandora one. I honestly fell in love with this and will most likely be getting it in the next few months (hint hint boyfriend) and the monica vinader is just do delicate and looks beautiful and almost rustic I think it’s gorgeous

 Pandora shimmering wish ring - http://m.pandora.net/en-gb/products/rings/silver/196316cz

 Monica vinader siren small stacking ring -

 Watches ❁
 One thing with all the watches is they’re all Olivia burton. I’ve recently fallen in love with their watches! The designs are out of this world and so original whilst being a good price - I honestly think everyone should have one! The silver is like an everyday and the rose gold lace is too but the abstract floral watch is just a gorgeous dress watch I’ve fallen in love with!

 Olivia burton lace detail silver mesh watch - http://www.oliviaburton.com/shop-all-watches-c174/lace-detail-silver-mesh-watch-p944

 Olivia burton lace detail blush dial & rose gold mesh - http://www.oliviaburton.com/shop-all-c25/lace-detail-blush-dial-rose-gold-mesh-p1341

 Olivia burton abstract florals rose gold mesh watch - http://www.oliviaburton.com/shop-all-watches-c174/abstract-florals-rose-gold-mesh-watch-p1181

 Bracelets ❁
 Finally into the last section but the bracelets. Other than my pandora I have no braclets I wear and I’d love a dainty chain bracelet! They’re so many gorgeous ones but the 4 I found are my favourite!! The Olivia burton is so delicate with a simple touch, the Tiffany’s one matches my necklace, the Monica Vinader one is just so gorgeous and different to anything I’ve seen and the Gucci matches my earrings!

 Olivia burton social butterfly silver chain bracelet - http://www.oliviaburton.com/jewellery-c122/shop-all-jewellery-c180/social-butterfly-chain-bracelet-silver-p1294

 Tiffany & co return to Tiffany heart tag bracelet - http://www.tiffany.co.uk/jewelry/bracelets/return-to-tiffany-heart-tag-bracelet-GRP06398

 Monica vinader linear large friendship bracelet - http://www.monicavinader.com/linear-large-friendship-bracelet/linear-large-friendship-bracelet-womens 

Gucci heart and butterfly charm bracelet - https://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/_757-10095-YBA2235160010

 I really need to get saving, I do have an expensive taste! All of this jewellery is just what I’ve fallen in love with and one day I do hope to own some of it!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I love the look of those watches.


  2. Love Pandora!! And Tiffany’s! And all jewelry!!

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