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March 31, 2018

 Who doesn’t love minis? I can’t be the only one who thinks products in smaller sizes are the cutest things and feel so happy to get them, even if they are something I really do not need, I just like having them.

They’re great for things such a travel and on the go products as they’re easy to take places and easy to store in your bag - even if they don’t last long they’re just convenient! Looking in my makeup collection, I’ve recently realised I have a lot of travel sizes products and minis that I use a lot! They’re some of the products I reach for on the daily and I wouldn’t be able to do my makeup without them but I completely forget there’s a bigger version available. So I really should buy them once they’ve run out.

 The first product I’d love to buy in full size is the benefit porefessional primer! This is such a cult product, everyone knows about it and the whole internet sings it’s praise! I’ve never had the full size but I’ve used plenty of minis and it does what it says! I love it as a primer and would love to buy it in full size!

 The next product is another benefit product that everyone knows about and everyone loves, the benefit gimme brow! Honestly I only have this as it was free in a magazine but I do love the product, it helps make my brows look so full and gives them a natural tint just to wear on a daily basis, it’s a product you don’t realise you need till you have it.

 Too faced is a brand I’d really like to explore more as I only have tried the nikkie tutorials set and in there was the too faced shadow insurance eye primer and I really love this! All eye primers are the same but as long as they do the job I’m happy, this keeps my shadow in place all day and lasts long so I’d love it I’m full size!

 Im the same with Kat Von d, the only other thing I’ve tried is one of her liquid lipsticks which I love so I’d really like to try more of her products! I got it for Christmas in the mini set and I love it! It’s another one of the products that’s had so much hype and I can completely see why I love the eyeliner, it’s jet black, really precise and easy to apply!

I just hope it doesn’t dry out soon. Finally onto a product I got in my Selfridges advent calendar, the YSL the shock mascara! Due to the price, I’ve never got much YSL makeup but when trying this mascara made me want more! It’s such an amazing mascara, it volmunises, lengthens and gives my lashes a jet black look - everything I’d want from a mascara.

 I think I’ll definitely be buying this full sized when my mini runs out. I sure do love myself a mini and there are just some I couldn’t bare to be without and I think everyone should try these! I love how minis are a way of trying a product just to make sure you like it, for all of these I’ll definitely need the full-size

! Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I do the same with minis! I bought Benefit's They're Real mini to see if I liked it before potentially investing in the full size!! So convenient!!

    Claire xxx

    1. I love buying minis to see if products are worth it! Xx

  2. I haven’t used the benefit porefessional primer, but it looks great! Also couldn’t live with out gimme brow, I also have a mini one x


    1. Yoy should try it & it’s so travel friendly! Xx

  3. These are all on my list to buy too, especially the Kat Von D liner! Loved reading this!!

    Phoebe x


    1. You should definitely get them all. Thank you! Xx

  4. Minis are so cute! Great post idea.

    Abby x



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