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May 09, 2018

As the weather warmed up in the UK (for 4 days!!!!) it made me think how I really wanna invest in more body products. I’ve been doing some shopping for it and I’ve found afew products I wanna try.

 Bodycare is something I’ll use - but only what I have I rarely buy it for myself so I really do wanna buy more now, I’ve found that the warm weather really made me just want to shave my legs & feel silky and smoothe.

 To start with I really wanna try more body scrubs. I use scrubs on my face all the time but rarely on my body and I wanna change this. I really like the look of the all natural ones that are in the bags so I’ve found a few I’d like to try (photos above). The frank body ones really lntrest me as they’ve been hyped up so much and I’d love to try especially this shimmery one and this zero skin one.

 I wanna try more bath salts! I’ve seen them everywhere but never really got any but I’ve heard so many good things. Herbivore is a brand that’s just came to space nk and I want to try it, so the bath salts are what I’d like (the aesthetically pleasing packaging draws me in too) and the bod mermaid bath salts are just so intriguing, the holographic packaging just draws me in.

 To go along with all this, I was looking at body butters. I always wanted to try lush bodycare and the ro’s argan body conditioner has always been something I’ve eyed up. I love the concept of this and can imagine it to leave you smelling nice & soft all day so I think it would be worth it & save moisturising after the bath. Another different type of moisturiser I want to try is the sanctuary spa shower oil. I have tried afew of their things and think it’ll be amazing on my skin.

 All these products are things I’ve had my eye on recently & I do home to buy some of them soon. My body will love thr TLC and as the weather may be warming up (big if) it might also see some sun!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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