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May 26, 2018

 I don’t take much care of my hair. I’m always too tired when it comes to washing my hair and I get lazy about it but I really want to change. Boots have such good offers on hair care it’s hard to say no so I decided I would finally bite the bullet and get more into it.

I wanted to start basic and go with hair masks as if they’re anything like facemasks they work magic! I got 2 just so I could try a variety, I started with the garnier ultimate blends coconut oil frizzy hair mask and than the L’oreal elvive dream lengths long hair mask.

 To start with, the L’Oréal one, I really hope it’ll help my split ends, my hair is really damaged honestly and even help it grow. The product description is ‘Dreaming of beautiful long hair but struggling to achieve your dream lengths? Help rescue locks that feel damaged with our saviour hair mask, enriched with a cocktail of Keratin, Vitamins and Castor Oil. The formula reinforces* the hair and helps leave it feeling nourished and looking shiny. Instrumental test after 5 applications of Dream Lengths Shampoo and Mask on bleached hair’

 When I first tried it, My first though was I loved the smell as it just reminds a professional hair salon. Smells are the first thing I check when I get a new product and this is a good one! Onto the actual product, as soon as I put it though my ends I instantly noticed it felt so soft. Once I washed it out & even once my hair dried it felt as soft as it did them. My hair feels amazing I can’t stop touching it (which is bad) and it looks so glossy and I can’t find as many split ends.

 The garnier mask is what I’d hope will help my hair be less frizzy. The website describes it as ‘Tame dry, frizzy hair with our intensely smoothing balm, blended with rich Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter. Our rich nourishing formula, with its velvety balm texture leaves frizzy hair looking super smooth and frizz free, even in damp weather’ I really do hope it is right.

 When I first tried it, My first though was I loved the smell as it just reminds me of summer. Smells are the first thing I check when I get a new product. Onto the actual product, I can say it worked! It didn’t make my hair feel as soft as the L’Oréal one but my hair wasn’t nearly as frizzy as usual. It didn’t work complete wonders but it helped calm my hair down so much so it took less than half the time to straighten it then normally and I’m so thankful for this.

 I really do want to try more hair care and this has inspired me almost to try it. I’ll be using these masks and choosing my favourites the more I try them! They both serve different purposes and I love them for different reasons. I can’t wait to try more haircare products too and share them on here.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I am using the shampoo and conditioner from the Dreamy Length series and i love it so i think i have to get the mask too! As for Garnier masks they are great! I always have one around to help restore my hair and for me the one with Honey does the job!


  2. I want to try the shampoo & conditioner I think I’ll have to buy it! They are so worth having to use.

  3. I love the price quality ratio of the Garnier masks! ☺️


  4. I love both brands.. L'oreal has some GREAT makeup and haircare products! Thanks for the post!



  5. I might have to get these! Always thought about gettIng them but never actually have X

    1. You should! They’re so worth it and your hair will thank you x

  6. Great post! I have never tried a hair mask before, but these look like good products to test out! :) Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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    1. Thank you! You should your hair will thank you x

  7. I want to try the garner frutis mask because I need nutrition for my dry and brittle hair


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