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May 05, 2018

The dreaded time is here, Exam season is upon us, wether it’s GCSE, just some general exams in school or some uni or college exams more than likely everyone in any form of education will be doing them. As my GCSE is are coming up next academic year I want to create a collection of school themed blog post to share with people with experience in high school, going though exams or just to be helping share my tips tricks and advice!

It’s safe to say I am dreading it. As someone who stresses over exams a lot, I need to try control it now as my GCSE are coming up next year and I can’t really afford to stress and panic, I need to get my grades!  I have been revising a lot over the past year for other exams and seeing my friends revise I’ve realised it’s possible to do it stress free. As long as you try your hardest that’s all that matters isn’t it?

 One thing that I think makes Revising during exam season stress free is planning all your revision out. Making a revision timetable and checklists of what you need to do it all subjects will really help! This is what makes revising easier for me as when I come to do it I know what I’m doing.

 I know myself that as soon as I begin to stress when revising just nothing goes in. I actually like revising so doing it in moderation is that main thing that helps keep my stress levels free. Taking breaks is extremely important and It’s proven that’s how the information goes in.

 I know you think you need to spend every minute of the day revising but you don’t. You should not cut off your social life & family life just for all this revision because this is like the revising in moderation, you need to have a break and spend time with your family & friends!! This is so important as socialising will help lower stress. Finally I think of all the revising you need to have time for yourself.

Self care is so so important and especially in exam season you need to look after you self 10x more so you’re mentally & physically prepared for the exams. By watching a film or having a bath is a good way to practice self care & just de stress!

 To anyone who is doing GCSE, a levels, uni exams or anything else. Good luck and know that you can do it! I know how hard exams are and the stress that cause are not good. Make sure your self care comes before anything

. Bailey ♡ xxx

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