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May 12, 2018

I always stick to my favourite products. I rarely try new things if I have a holy grail but that’s really not the way forward. I am a loyal product person but I really do wanna try more things and have a variety of holy grails and products I reach for because I am getting bored of sticking to the same things.

 Recently I’ve tried to deliberately try new things and I’ve found some things that I really do love, possibly on a holy grail level and I think that they are all worth sharing with people, I do think everyone should try these!

 To start with is a present my mum got me for Christmas, the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm! This is just like liquid gold. The texture is so silky smoothe & this perfectly takes my makeup off so lovely, leaving my skin feel amazing! I feel like it’s such a good skincare investment & it lasts so long as you need the smallest bit as it melts in your fingers.

 My auntie has a friend who works in America & gives her lots of EOS so she gave me and my sister one. I chose the coconut milk one purely because I’ve wanted to try this for awhile & I was not disappointed. the last time i tried these lip balms I wasn’t a fan but now I’m into It, I find it’s really moisturising on my lips & smells lovely but not too strong so I really do want more now.

 I’ve had Charlotte tilbury lipsticks since 2016 and pretty much though 2017 I followed the liquid lipstick train, but now I’ve gone back to my Charlotte tilbury lipsticks! My lips are so dry they can’t handle liquid lipsticks & my 2 Charlotte tilbury lipsticks are amazing so recently I’ve been loving them and it’s safe to say they are holy grail.

 I’ve wanted to try sheet masks out for awhile but recently I’ve bought afew and I really am starting to love them. Having dry skin, they are helping keep it moisturised so much and I’m trying lots of different brands so I’m having fun using and trying new ones (recommendations are nice) but I’ve not doing any favourites yet.

 Honestly I think there are like gonna be holy grail products one day. These are new products I’ve been constantly reaching for every since I started using them and really would recommend them to everyone!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I love eos balms! I actually haven't used one in a while though so this post just made me want to go buy one. I've seen a lot about clinique from youtubers I watch. I have to give it a try. Great post!


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