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May 15, 2018

 This kinda goes hand in hand with my different ways to revise posts because it’s all good knowing how you revise but it’s how you Go about it. This can be the make or break in if you remember any for the information you revise and pass or not.

 I find If i don’t have a routine to my revision nothing goes in. I can’t just sit there and revise, I need to follow a schedule and break it all down! You might not even realise you have a routine or need to do this but it can make the world of a difference.

To start by I always make sure I take breaks. After every 15 minutes I’ll have a 5-10 minute break and reward myself for it! This is a way the information will go in and makes is more enjoyable and less draining.

 This is links with my different ways to revise post as to revise I think you need to find a method that suits you! You should check out my post to see for ideas for that!

 When it comes to making my notes, I love to use colours and Keep it as simple as possible by only noting the key points. This makes my notes efficient and really easy to read back when it comes closer to the test.

 To go into an exam, you need to have the mental attitude for it. Self care during exam season is so so important and something you need to remember to do. Keeping a positive mindset and not doubting yourself will help you get though it, believe in yourself!!

 Revising involves no distractions and I think that for the 15 minutes you revise you should avoid phones and anything else that’ll put you off. If you’re not in it 100% than you won’t remember what you’re revising. You need to Focus on understanding over memorising when it comes to revise and make sure you’re able to put everything in your own words.

 Making these posts are really helping me, I hope they’re helping some of you guys out! Wether you’ve got exams now or in however long but being in education pretty much just means exams a lot which is not fun, but revising can be so making a routine for it will help.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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