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June 16, 2018

 Since I’m trying to use new products in my everyday makeup routine, I’ve realised that I don’t change it up much. I have my stable products I use everyday and they rarely get changed. I’m thinking of trying more products so I wanted to share my all time favourites before I do. My everyday makeup is pretty basic but I like it, all these products are stuff that have worked for me for awhile.

 To start with I use a primer. Honestly I don’t have an everyday primer (my holy grail YSL is more for better makeup days) and I just alternate between all the one I have in my collection. I mainly use my Laura geller one as an everyday base as it helps keep my makeup on every day.

 Onto foundation, my auntie gave me this clarins everlasting foundation and I love it! It gives a full coverage, weightless look that is perfect to what I need. It lasts all day and really works for my skin which I’m so glad! It’s quite pricy so I’m dreading running out of it but it’s truly amazing and worth the price.

 For concealer I have 2 popular ones drawn, the collection lasting perfection concealer and the revolution stay all day concealer! These are both 2 amazing drugstore concealers that are full coverage and last all day. I wouldn’t ever buy a high end concealer with the quality of these, they’re exactly what you need and work perfectly to conceal every impurity.

 I’ve not been setting my makeup with powder as much (shocking but avoids ceasing) but when I do, I use the rimmel stay matte powder. I’ve used this for as far as I’ve used makeup as it just works for me. I then go in with the revolution contour palette (which is extremely old and well loved)

 for my contour & bronzing! They give such a lovely glow and work perfectly on my pale completion. I reviewed this palette last year when I got it and it is just what I use on the daily I love it.

 I don’t wear blush on the daily so skipping that and going to highlight, my all time favourite is Mac soft & gentle! I’ve had this for 3 years and I use it every day! It’s a perfect glowy, champagne shimmer that makes your skin look so gorgeous. It also lasts so long, I feel like I’m never gonna hit plan on it.

 For my brows, I fill them in with the nyx brow pomade. This is a perfect dupe for the Anastasia dipbrow and has lasted me so long! It’s so good and affordable with my perfect shade match. It’s such a drugstore steal them I just use my concealer to clean my brows up.

 Onto my eyes, I use the urban decay primer potion to prime then I either wear no eyeshadow or use my tarte tartlette in bloom palette. This is a perfect natural palette with wearable shadows to create a natural, everyday look. It is my always go to and I couldn’t live without it!

 Finally for mascara, my holy grail is the benefit bad gal bang mascara is the best mascara I’ve ever used. It gives so much volume, length and makes my lashes look amazing. My life was changed when I tried this and I struggle to use other mascaras now.

Finally for my lips, I wear my all time favourite Charlotte tilbury lipstick in the shade ‘very victoria’ this is my holy grail lipstick and I’ve talked about it more than enough!

All of these products are makeup that I trust and I really like, they are what I reach for near enough every day when I wear makeup. I really do think you should all try these as they are mainly drugstore and so worth the price. I love finding good products that work for me and sharing them! Especially my everyday ones.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Love this post! It has defo given me some ideas into what products to buy next! I’ll defo be purchasing the tartelette eye shadow pallete after reading this! ☺️🌸💜

    1. Thank you! I so recommend everything here, this is my fav everyday palette!

  2. I've been looking at that MAC highlighter for AGES so I think I might have to buy it, and I've seen so many posts about that Bad Gal Bang mascara... Gonna have to give in to the hype!

    Naomi xo

  3. I love how you use a mix of high end and drugstore to create your everyday look! That highlighter does look unreal so I might have to go have a peek at that!xx

    1. I honestly love them both, people dismiss the drugstore but it’s all about finding the gems. I recommend it x

  4. Reading this post you’ve just reminded me that I have the Tartelette In Bloom palette and that I should actually use it because it is beautiful. I’ve never tried Very Victoria from Charlotte Tilbury but I do have a sample that I am waiting to open. You’ve inspired me to use some different products!


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