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June 24, 2018

 At the moment, my favourite thing to do to clothes shop! Over the past few months I’ve fallen so more in love with clothes than I ever though I would so I’ve been buying so much more! If it’s for over here or my holiday I’m preparing for, I just am buying and buying and buying!

 But with this warm weather that’s hit the UK, I’ve been getting stuff that’s more weather suitable so I haven’t been sweating and it’s made me realise, I with me getting more summer clothes, I’ve had a almost system to help build my summer wardrobe. so I though I’d share some tips I’ve been following!

 I’ve always started by having a clear out of my wardrobe and be ruthless in clearing process - if you haven’t wore it in the past 6 months then get rid of it. I’ve so many tops I’ve outgrown or not even wore so it’s not worth me keeping them - they’ve gone straight in the charity pile giving me room for some new stuff!

 Another way to bring out your summer wardrobe, you need to put your winter clothes away!! Getting all the thick jumpers & scarfs out of my wardrobe and putting them away in a drawer or somewhere makes so much more room for new things & makes my wardrobe way more weather appropriate so it’s so much easier to find my clothes!

 To build up a good wardrobe, you need your basics! I know when I’ve had clear-outs I’ve got rid of some or even realised some basics I didn’t have I want so make a list of what you need, so you go to get what you are missing, you’ll buy it and not what you’ve got! I can go shopping for a belt and end up with another white top I’ve got a-few times, it’s all about only buying what you need to help build up the basics /staples section of your wardrobe so then you can go onto adding your own style to it.

 In winter you have your investment pieces - your coat and a scarf maybe, so for summer you need them same! Personally I think investing in a bag will help all your outfits look amazing! I’m personally a bag person so I love all kinds of bags. Another good investment piece is jackets! Suede jackets and leather jackets are so in at the moment and they aren’t cheap so whilst we’ve warmer weather (not glorious since it’s England) why not invest in a jacket to wear with all your outfits when it’s not as warm!

As it’s summer, I think everyone needs sunglasses! They’re a gorgeous fashion accessory and something you see eveyone with. And the best part is you don’t need to break the bank as you can get cheap ones that are gorgeous and don’t need to invest as much.

 Building a seasonal wardrobe is easier than you think! It’s all about a clear out, breaking it down, just getting what you really then adding your own taste / style to it! You can’t go wrong & you’ll look amazing in the summer!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I'm the same way, I love buying clothes... even though I usually have no where to go.
    Great post Bailey. Hope to see you on my blog as well. www.itsmiraclewhip.com

  2. Thanks for the tips. I really think splitting my stuff into seasons had helped in how I organise my storage space in my room too so it isn't all mixed up and leaving me lost and unsure as to what to wear but what I've actually got! Lol 😉👌🙌

    1. I hope it is helpful. That’s the ogmy way I fit everything in my room and manage to wear all my clothes honestly


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