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July 21, 2018

 Chatty posts are something I haven’t really been into but I want to add more variation to my blog so I wanted to try them. This idea is from the blogger pint sized beauty, u saw her do this and wanted to try it (you should check her out!!) I found this post idea, so interesting as it’s a way for me to share a little snippet of my life with you guys.I’m hopefully not gonna spend the entire post rambling, just sharing some of my favourite things.

To start with, I’m choosing my favourite of the 4 is the reading part. I’m a massive bookworm and I’ve not had much time to read recently but I’ve not been as busy so I started a new book series! I was drawn in when I first started reading the first book and it just got better and better! I read them in the space of 4 days as o was so drawn in, I went to bed earlier and stayed up at night so I could read! I recommend these books so much. They are the burn to burn trilogy, containing burn to burn, fire for fire and ashes to ashes. They are the perfect chick flick, drama filled trilogy!

 Onto the watching segment, this is a show I was never interested in at first but I wish I watched it sooner. I am now in love with Brooklyn nine-nine. It’s such a funny light-hearted show that just cheers you up and make you laugh every time you watch it. It’s got something about it that draws me in, makes me laugh and I end up binging it (I’ve slowed down now bc I know I’m gonna finish it and I don’t want to!) I love all the characters and think it’s such a underrated amazing show!

 Finally onto what I’ve been doing recently. I think it’s pretty much the same as most people in the uk right now. Nothing. Well for the first half of the month I was revising for my mocks (which I did well in!! All the revision was worth it!!!!!!) but now ever since I’ve really just been enjoying the sun, soaking it up whilst it’s here. It’s been bringing everyone out and making everyone enjoy the days more. Between the World Cup, love island and the sun I think the uk is enjoying itself a lot now. I know I’ve been loving it!

I’m really hoping to do more posts like this. I love being able to be more personal on my blog and sharing so much more with you guys. I really hope you enjoy learning more about it.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I need to start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Basically everyone I know that watches that show says they're in love with it.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. I've just started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and i'm loving it!

  3. well done on passing your mocks

  4. Loved this post! I've seriously got to get on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine bandwagon - I've heard so many good things and well done on your mocks :)


  5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so quality! Glad you're loving it x

  6. Great post! I love chatty, casual posts like this :) I've never seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine but heard so many good things!


    1. Thank you, glad you liked it & you should watch it x

  7. Brooklyn 99 is such a good program, I think I’ve watched all the series that are on Netflix about 20 times over. What did you think of the Love Island final?

    1. I love it! I’m defiantly gonna re watch them and I don’t watch it ahaha x


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