♡ storebought cakes vs homemade cakes ♡

August 22, 2018

 If you read my blog then you might be aware that I’m really into baking. I love to do it and try a variety of things to make but my favourite things have to be cakes. I love the flavour, how universal they are and that any occasion what so ever you can bring a cake into the mix. Giving someone a cake can mean the world to them. I know when I’ve baked cakes for people it’s made me super happy seeing them receive it!

 if you are wanting to give someone a cake, you’ve 2 starting options - do you buy a cake or make it at home?? If you’re choosing to bake it yourself then you go you but there are still enough approaches you can take for this. I love making them myself from scratch as I’m such a baker recently I’ve found out you can use a bread maker for cakes.

Honestly this has blown my mind and with Panasonic bringing out a new breadmaker, I’ve been enlightened how universal breakmakers are - you can make ao many different things in them like- jam, bread and even cake! This is such a good investment to use for making so many different baked good in a quick and easy time! Some ideas you can also use for the bread maker is bread maker recipes but personally I’d use it for cake as they’re my favourite things to bake.

 I feel like getting a store bought cake is more of a ‘lazy’ approach as homemade cakes can be one of the nicest things the people will receive and I don’t know about you but any homemade gifts (foods, cards, ect) feel more special to me! I guess it’s the idea in your head that someone’s gone the extra mile for you and does make you feel quite special overall

But then again, not everyone has the time to bake a cake. It can take a long time and just be too mhch for some people, which I fully understand! I can imagine working full time would limit your chances to bake a cake, which is completely acceptable as it’s such a time consuming task and for me I think it’s so hard to get perfect because as one little thing goes wrong it ruins it all.

It didn’t feel right not to mention it so this post is kindly sponsored by Panasonic (my first sponsored post eeekkkk!!!) and I really wanted to try use it as an opportunity to create a more chatty post - which I’ve never done would would love to more!

What better topic for me to talk about that I’m passionate about then cake??? I’d love to know your opinion on this as it’s a topic. I’ve never really though about till recently, each cakes option have their pros and cons but really we all have a favourite if we admit or of not, I know if I had the chance I would make homemade cakes for everyone for every occasion! 

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Oooh it's sounds amazing! I love baking simple recipes but store bought cakes can be yummy too!!

  2. Would love to see a picture of the product and the cake it makes! The idea of bringing a homemade cake is so thoughtful.

  3. I prefer making one but not from scratch but from the ready made one where you just add eggs and voila you're done.

  4. I love homemade! Doing it all from scratch has so much more thought to it plus you get to eat the mixture our the bowl which is the best part. Store bought cakes don't give you that kind of excitement and satisfaction. ��

  5. Some shop bought cakes are okay, but homemade is always the best!

  6. I like storebought more, I'm bad at cooking. Sometimes I make microwave cakes haha >_<

    1. Fair point and that’s another way to go at it


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