♡summer selfcare tips ♡

August 04, 2018

 Self care is my favourite thing to do. There’s nothing better than doing what makes you happy and seeing it benefit you physically & mentally. It’s something everyone should take time out of their day and do it.

 Each season has their own speciality and summer has so many of them. The weather changes so much ifs so important to adapt yourself to the weather. There are so many self care things you can do that can that make a difference for yourself

 - Wear suncream everyday
 - Makeup will cake & sweat off, more is less
 - Exfoliating helps wayyy more then you think, do it twice a week for your face and lips
 - Moisturise your body as much as you can
 - Don’t neglect your feet!!
 - Stay hydrated
 - Get the cutest pair of sunglasses & rock them
 - Lipgloss is the best idea
 - go get your brows done, you’ll thank yourself
 - Wear lots & lots of highlighter, glow to the gods
 - Eat as many ice cream and ice lollies you can because we don’t have the weather for it
 - This is the best time for hydrating face-masks, use them!
 - The brighter the nail colour, the better
 - Wear what you look and feel most confident
 - season of the skirts - try wear them as much as you can
 - Don’t be afraid of colour, embrace it
 - Set out your fashion comfort zone! You’ll thank yourself
 - it’s the best change we will get in the uk to get our legs out for the next 5 years, use it
 - Be outside as much as you can
 - sliders are the best footwear choice you’ll come across
 - Take in all the sun you can (but be protected!!)
 - Eat those summer treats, you deserve them.
 - Fruit tastes better in that sun.
 - Late nights in the garden are the best memories
 - Look after yourself - you deserve it
 - barbecues are always a good idea

 I honestly notice a massive difference when I do and don’t do these little things! They’re the little things that make the world of a difference to your mental & physical help, making you happier and healthier! Taking care of yourself and enjoying the summer will make you so happy and give so many memories, It’s what we all want in summer.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. These tips are so amazing!! Some of these I definitely am always sure to do myself, but others were refreshing & new. Gonna have to do as many more as I can before I head back to college next week :)

  2. Love these tips just reminds me how amazing this summer is in the U.K. - the one summer I choose to move abroad! Hope it will be the same next year... great post!


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