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September 19, 2018

 We all always have certain things that never leave our side, I’ve not really noticed it till I’ve actually taken note - but the products we take everywhere and don’t realise we do! They’re my essentials so they travel with me.

The main place I keep them is at my bedside - this is as I’m in my bedroom the most so they’re the best place to keep them! I always know where they are and they’re easily reachable so it’s so helpful!

 One thing I always need close by me is my glasses, my eyes are getting worse and I should be wearing them all the time (which I don’t really do but I’m trying) so i keep them beside my bed when they’re not on my head.

 Another thing I have is Cuticle oil. I pretty much use it every night as my nails are at a good length and this is helping keep them in good condition. I love the smell and feeling of this, it leave my nails feeling really hydrated and my looking fabulous. Getting long nails doesn’t happen without nail TLC.

 I have the worlds dryest lips and I can’t live without my lip balm. I always have it on me as I am constantly applying it. I use the Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip balm and this is the best one I’ve found! It keeps my lips looking glossy, feeling hydrated and they’re super soft! I honestly feel like other lip balms don’t work now as this is so good!

Finally is one of the best things to me is my Moistuser. At the minute I’m loving clinique moisture surge as it’s everything my skin needs! It gives me so much hydration without my skin looking shiny. It feels like it’s the godsend my skin is going to need this winter and it won’t be leaving my side.

 We all have our essentials, the things that come everywhere with us, but in my case stay at the side of my bed where I can get them any time I want, need and desire! They all get loved a lot and will be getting purchased again when I run out.

  Bailey ♡ XX

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  1. I always have to have my glasses on hand these days as well! Cuticle oil is something that I definitely need to start using x

  2. your bedside table is so pretty and well organized! I always use a lip balm too. Have you tried Burts Bees?

    Joy at http://www.thejoyousliving.com

  3. I love how organized your bedside is! Mine is always cluttered. One thing that’s always there is my pair of glasses though! ��

    Ran (https://liveloveran.com/)

    1. Thank you! I had to clean it before this post and I agree

  4. I love how organised your bedside is! :-) Mine is always messy but I try to declutter it often. I always have my glasses on mine along with a book and glass of water.

    1. Thank you, I did clean it before the post and me too x


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