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November 17, 2018

 Blogmas is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been planning it since August! It’s a hectic time I’ve been planning and writing my posts for a long time (and I still am) but the hardest part was coming up with ideas! I

 was brainstorming so much and came up with so many ideas (not all mine, these posts helped me the most!!) and I just wanted to try be as helpful to someone else as these posts were to me.

 1. Christmas gift ideas for her
2. Christmas gift ideas for him
3. Christmas gift ideas for dad
4. Christmas gift ideas for mum
5. Christmas gift ideas for grandparents
6. DIY Christmas Gifts
7. Homemade festive hot chocolate recipe
8. Favourite Christmas recipes
9. How to make a gingerbread house
10. A collection of your favourite blogmas posts by other bloggers
11. What to buy for your secret Santa
12. Favourite Christmas songs
13. What are your Christmas traditions?
14. How to make Christmas pudding
15. Christmas cocktail recipes
16. DIY Christmas stockings
17. Christmas wish list
18. Advent calendar guide - do’s and don’t
 19. What advent calender you have
 20. Favourite festive candles
 21. Holiday outfit ideas
22. Favourite festive jumpers
 23. Things I love about Christmas
24. DIY Christmas ideas for kids
25. Favourite childhood Christmas memory
26. Christmas day menu ideas
27. Last minute gift ideas
28. How to perfectly wrap a present
 29. Christmas in - your city
 30. How are you counting down to Christmas?
 31. 10 Ways to celebrate Christmas in style
32. Stocking filler gift ideas - under certain prices
 33. The ultimate christmas playlist
34. DIY Christmas cards
35. Top 10 Christmas movies
36. Letter to Santa
37. Holiday bucket list
38. Christmas eve traditions
39. Christmas cake recipe
40. Where to shop online this Christmas
 41. How to make shortbread
42. The true meaning of Christmas
43. Advice I wish I knew last Christmas
 44. DIY advent calendar ideas
45. Christmas Jokes
46. Christmas Eve box ideas
 47. Christmas card ideas
48. Chocolate Bark Recipe
49. Favourite Christmas books
50. Christmas decor inspiration
51. Christmas items you can’t live without
52. Christmas on a budget
53. How to jazz up wrapping presents
 54. Christmas decoration wish list
55. What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
56. Favourite Christmas treats
57. Blogmas post ideas
58. Host a Christmas giveaway
59. Inexpensive Christmas gifts everyone will love
 60. DIY Tree Topper

 All I say is good luck and well done to anyone attempting or doing blogmas! It’s hard but hopefully it’ll be super rewarding for you! I can say I’ve loved doing it and I hope it’s the same for everyone else

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. this post just reminded me how behind I am with blogmas! really need to get a go on writing more posts! I have a few written but so many to go! lol this is such a great list of ideas! good luck on blogmas! xxx

    mich / simplymich.com

  2. These are really useful and fun post ideas, thank you for sharing them Bailey! I’m still undecided about doing Blogmas! I must get a wiggle on and decide whether to take part or not! xx

  3. This is the perfect for those last few ideas! I love gift guides so much, they make Christmas shopping so much easier! x

  4. Some great post ideas here for Blogmas! I'm struggling to come up with my remaining ideas. These are all great, I'm going to bookmark this page and work out which ones I could do. For 2018, I've decided to do a 12 Days of Blogmas rather than the full 25 days. Hopefully I can have some really quality posts but still be excited for Christmas.

    Gemma | www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  5. These are some really cool ideas for Blogmas. I'm hesitating whether to participate this year or not. But your post is giving me major "jump and figure things out" vibe :D. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    1. I’m glad it helps. I hope you ended up going it x

  6. Oh wow you are so organised! There are some great ideas here! x

  7. This such a great post! It has given me ideas of what to blog about. Thank you for sharing

  8. These are great holiday blog post ideas!I found great topics for my next post. Thank you!

  9. This post is super helpful with inspiring me for blogmas! I seriously need to get my bum into gear and get planning. Thank you for sharing such great ideas! Lauren


  10. So many brilliant ideas here, Bailey - thank you for the inspo! Hope you're having a wonderful week - just wanted to say I'm loving your blog!

    Nati x | http://www.naticreates.com

  11. Great ideas and I'm sure it'll help loads of bloggers! I'm not doing blogmas but its still helpful as I'll definitely be doing some Christmas related posts! Thanks for sharing

    Chloe xx

  12. I'm not planning on doing blogmas but I will definitely keep some of these ideas in cqse I get a block ;)
    I think I want to do a gift for her and for him :D
    I also love the idea of what to buy for a Secret Santa!
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, I can see why, I enjoy reading them so mhch too

  13. Wow! That is a lot of different ideas. I was just happy with the 15 I collected that one year. Lol

    I'd still love to decorate a gingerbread house. I've tried my hardest to get my family involved to let me take a crack at it, but they're all afraid I'll make a mess. They obviously know me very well, but still I want to do it and I would try my best to not get it everywhere! :)

    And I REALLY wish we had advent calendars here in the US. My nana used to get a sticker one through the mail and we loved doing it everytime I came over to her house. She'd even save a couple of days for me to do. I love the ones that the mini nail polishes in them and of course, there's the chocolate ones too! Who can turn down mistake boxes of chocolate bites?!

  14. Great ideas! I have left it a bit too late this year, but might have to give Blogmas a go next year. Best of luck! Helen x


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