♡ day 11 - Best way to efficiently Christmas shop ♡

December 11, 2018

 You either love or hate Christmas shopping as it’s your cup of tea or not. I know I love going and getting all my friends presents all at once but I can be a big farce as it’s time consuming, expensive and crafty.

 I know i want to avoid that all and over the year I’ve watched my mum do her Christmas shopping every year and she’s so efficient with it as she has her own little tips. Since I get presents for all my friends I’ve made my own little tips too.

 The first thing is what I think is the most important making a list who you need gifts for! I think planning all your presents makes shopping be so much quicker and I seem to be able to get better presents that have more meaning the more thought I put into it. I always do this as it’s my way of thinking for anything.

 Next thing I do is set one big budget all the presents need to go under them Set pricing limits with people who I get presents with! This makes it easy for everyone as you’ve a better idea what to get when you have a limit. This is also so useful is you are budgeting but still want to get your friends good presents! I always do this with my friends.

 When it comes to buying the presents, I Try get it all done at once by doing one big trip! I go into town with my list and just go get everything I need. Knowing what I want and where I get it makes everything go so quickly (if I don’t do any window shopping) then I’m done in 2 hours over 4! A joint tip is get codes / discounts if you can! when shopping to try make you save money too! Who doesn’t want that??

 Carrying on the for the shopping, you need to make sure you don’t go at peak time. There’s more chance of everything being out of stock and you’ll need to do it again. I think the best time would be to go on a morning as there will be all fresh stock, it’ll be quiet and then you will be able to get everything done as quick as you need! I never though of this till last year and it payed off doing it.

 Let’s hope Christmas shopping now can be enjoyable, easy and efficiently! I know mine will be as I’ve pretty much followed all the tips and will be going to get them at the quietest time.

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. Great post. I think it's also great to do it in November as there is usually a lot of sales with big reductions

  2. Hey! Some fantastic tips, I really am bad for not planning my gift shopping, it makes me so stressed out :(
    Thanks for the tips,
    Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com/

  3. Going out to the shops when it's less busy is definitely a life saver! I actually like going several times, but getting it all done in one go is certainly more efficient haha x



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