♡ day 14 - How to jazz up wrapping presents ♡

December 14, 2018

 Wrapping can be a bore and I aren’t a massive fan of it honestly, it’s not fun to do and is so time consuming (and I end up with paper cuts!) for it all just to be ripped once the presents are open and go in the bin.

 I got this idea from my auntie! She’s always spent time and wrapped presents so gorgeous, I love seeing / receiving them from her and it’s inspired me to try up my wrapping game this year (and not just shove the presents in a gift bag)

 The easiest way you can do this is by adding a bow! I think it’s getting more common to add them as they’re so pretty and make the present look like it’s had more though put into in by slapping a sticky bow or even using ribbon to add a bow (which is a 1 up!)

 Another thing you can do is find the prettiest paper. I always spend so much time picking the paper as i think it’s way more important the people think so it can really jazz up the presents. If the paper, bow and gift tag match it looks so put together then add some ribbon and it looks like so much thoughts gone into it.

 I also think you can take the approach of making your own wrapping paper! I got this idea from Zoe, get brown paper and use stamps to add a print so all the presents will be different and original. You can add tweed around this and ribbon and it will look so different to every present and be so original

 I know i love seeing when presents are wrapped up all nice and different because as a person who loves taking photos it makes it so much photogenic! The originality and the though is the time that’s been spent on wrapping can make presents feel even more special.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. This is so adorable & useful! I am so glad you shared this! I love that you mentioned your aunt & I bet she is too! Happy Holidays!


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