♡ day 13 - German market ♡

December 13, 2018

 I don’t know if every town has a German market that comes ever year but in Leeds we do. It comes every year and I get so excited to go as it’s just amazing! It’s full of excitement, joy and people enjoying themselves. It’s amazing to go to as it’s full of food stands, little German stalls, drink places and entertainment.

It’s perfectly family friendly and amazing to go with your friends, I honestly couldn’t knock it. It’s all wintery with Christmas things, mulled wine and the stalls are all traditional. There are so many fairy lights and greenery it’s just like a little wonderland - a little Christmassy village in the middle of central Leeds. If this is what they bring to Leeds one year I’d love to experience it in Germany itself

 One of my favourite things about the market is the the atmosphere honestly. Everyone’s happy and the best time is to come in the dark with your friends and family. There’s so many stalls selling lots of Christmas trinkets, traditional desert stalls and a merrigo round. It’s so amazing

I got a waffle and it was so thick, hot and delicious! I loved it. It had powdered sugar on and it. I could eat more if these, they are so amazing.

The stalls were so cute! They had personalised little gifts and handmade items and they were so cute and would make lovely presents. They’re amazing gifts to get people. The little trinkets are so affordable and original.

 If you can get to Leeds, you need to come to the German market! I don’t know why you wouldn’t be sold already as the atmosphere is just the best to experience (especially on a night!)I love how it’s always full of people constantly enjoying themselves in the Christmas spirit! It may be small but it’s an amazing experience.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. It's on my Christmas Dream List to make it to a German market one year! Sounds so festive x



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