♡ Day 18 - Christmas Eve box & stocking ideas ♡

December 18, 2018

lNothing’s more exciting then when Christmas Eve comes, there being a box or sometimes a stocking full of goodies waiting for you!! This is a new tradition my mum brought in our family about the past 2 years and I really love it. It’s so exciting! She started by giving us an extra stocking one year then we realised a box was a thing so we’ve changed to a box but you can do either.

 I feel like getting a box or stocking on Christmas Eve makes it feel sooo real! But every time my mum fills it with different little bits and it’s exciting to see what she comes up with! It’s like a stocking before Christmas, but thinking of ideas to put in it is hard, so I hope my ideas give you suggestions!

 - bath bombs
 - Facemasks
 - Shower gel
- pore strips / eye masks / lip masks
 - Christmassy pyjama
 - Fluffy socks
 - Slippers
 - Blanket
 - Little keep sake
 - Favourite chocolates / sweets
 - Christmas themed foods
 - Hot chocolate satchets
 - Mug
- Christmas themed personalised gift
 - Book
- Christmas Candle
 - Christmas movie
 - ‘Reindeer food’
- ‘Santa’s key’
- Special / personalised bauble
- Christmas teddy

 I really think everyone should do this, if brings so much excitement to me & I’m 16! Any young children will love it as I know me and my little sister sure do!

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. Aww a Christmas Eve box is such a great idea! I've not heard of that before, but I want to start doing this x


  2. The Christmas Eve box is something I never heard of until today! It sounds like such a great tradition! I am so happy you shared this!


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