♡day 22 - best of the Christmas chocolates ♡

December 22, 2018

 Christmas is a time of year you can eat many many chocolates and not feel guilty about it! I know I made the most out of it as you really can’t beat Christmas chocolates! During the festive period, I know some of my favourite chocolates come out!

I get so excited seeing them in the shops, it really shows Christmas is coming now. I just can’t choose a favourite but I love all the Christmas chocolates

 The first is just a chocolate that is always in my house during Christmas - chocolate oranges! I am so addicted to these! I’ll sit and eat the whole one because I love them so much. I don’t know if it’s just me who associates them with Christmas / winter time but I always have and whenever that comes, my mum always buys them!

 Another thing I love receiving at Christmas is selection boxes! This is such a reminder of my childhood and shows me it’s Christmas, as I always receive atleast 1 and I love them so much with the variety of chocolate and the festive snowman on the packet.

 A favourite of mine that no one really talks about is peppermint creams! They’ve always given me Christmas vibes and I seem to forget about them throughout the year but as soon as the Christmas Music is on, a box always appears! I love them so much as I’m a massive mint fan and the texture just melts in my mouth, it’s divine.

 Finally is the classic Christmas chocolates - the Roses & celebrations & Hero’s & quality streets! The big tubs you always get around the festive season and have massive debates which are the best (quality streets for the win, tell me your favourites!!!) everyone loves them and I honestly can say it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

 It’s safe to stay after completing that post I’m really craving chocolate! I love nothing more then chocolate and Christmas brings that out! Seeing these all in the shops, I can’t not buy them!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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