♡ day 3 - Favourite Christmas films ♡

December 03, 2018

 Christmas is such a good time to settle down with friends and family and have days where you just chill and watch movies. The cold December brings there’s nothing better then having a night in, snuggled up in the blankets & watching a film. There are so many amazing Christmas films but I gathered my top 9 (this was a hard hard choice)

 1. Elf - Elf is a classic! It's honestly one of my favourite films of all time and everyone loves it. It gets watched so much by myself around this time and is such a happy film I love it so much I would watch it everyday if I could honestly, it brings so much festive joy and cheer.

 2. The grinch! This film has a lot of memories as I remember watching it a lot as a child. It would always be what was on the TV the most so we would watch it as a family on a night. I love how different it is to the cliche Christmas take and it makes me so excited for Christmas every year.

 3. A Christmas carol! Well this is such a classic, I used to watch it every year with school (now I’ve ended up doing it for GCSE which is admittedly sucking all the fun out of it) and my parents it just is one of the most Christmassy things I've ever seen, getting you in the holiday spirit. I love the meaning behind it and the General story of how it all plays out.

 4. Love actually! Who doesn't love a romance at Christmas? Love actually ticks every box for a girls night in during Christmas. It’s just one of those films we go to every year as we know and love it, like a Christmas must.

 5. Bridget Jones diaries! Well this isn't a Christmas film but it's one of my favourite films of all time and reminds me of Christmas every time with the first film. I watch it and gets me in the perfect Christmassy mood and makes me love Bridget more each time i watch it, like the woman is just a girlboss

 6. Home alone! Everyone watches all the home alone at Christmas, it's like a rule of Christmas. My parents love it and they got me to love it too so I have to watch it every year, sometimes we watch them afew times

 7. The holiday! Another Christmas romance you can't beat, it just gives you the warm fuzzy feelings making you wanna fall in love. I love watching this in bed before I sleep as its just amazing and funny and honestly it isn’t Christmas without it.

 8. The Nativity series. I love every one of these so much, we used to watch it on Christmas Eve and it's just so funny, relatable from my primary school and I love the plot of it, I love love love it so much I'm honestly such a big kid I hope they make another because there just amazing. It’s a different take on a Christmas film and just feels so real.

 Christmas films are amazing and without them it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas. I honestly could go on and mention so many films but I had to narrow it down to my favourites.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. The Grinch is one of my absolute favourites too. I watch it every year throughout the Christmas holidays and it always makes me laugh. I also really enjoy Miracle on 34th Street and the Santa Clause movies. I love Christmas films!

  2. I actually haven't watched Love Actually or The Holiday (yet) maybe this year I will finally get around to watching them! The Grinch and A Christmas Carol are my faves! Some great recommendations. I love watching Ice Age and Disney Films around Christmas time xx https://lifeofshar.co.uk/


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